For Steam

We have got lots of ideas and lots of comments of achievements. Thank you very much for your helpful answers. Considering pros and cons about achievements, we are going to prepare some achievements that only LA-MULANA could. Firstly, we have to work up Steam version in order to sell LA-MULANA on Steam. This is our […]


Thanks to everyone, LA-MULANA has got through Steam Greenlight! Namely, it will be released on Steam. We really appreciate your backup. But, it’s going to be a real festival when LA-MULANA is actually released on Steam and sold well. We just stand the starting line for now. So, what we have to do after this […]

La-Mulana Ver. has released.

First, an update for you. Thanks for your support, La-Mulana has been nominated Indie of the Year 2012 TOP100 of Indie DB. If you haven’t vote it, please vote for La-mulana. So, La-Mulana Ver. has released today. The detail is as follows. 1. Fixing screen tearing in 60hz refresh rate on some particular […]

New release information 2

We think more people can play LA-MULANA since it was released on GOG and Gamer’s Gate. In the meantime, a new release plan were proceeding. It is determined to release LA-MULANA on DESURA. Actually, it has been already released. DESURA is a distribution site that is mainly consist of indie games and the MOD community […]

New release information

WiiWare version’s LA-MULANA has been released in overseas, and we received high evaluations. In the meantime, new release plans were proceeding. It is determined to release LA-MULANA on GOG and Gamer’s Gate. Actually, it has been already released. Especially on GOG, it is sold for $9.99 this week only as release anniversary sale. On top […]

Enjoy OST with the game

Hi, man. How are you getting along with your adventure? If you are suffer from many traps and puzzles, you may ask hint of them of an experienced adventurer around you. Anyway, please enjoy our masterpiece thoroughly in your own way. It is our wish. By the way, the original sound tracks are already sold. […]

How do you enjoy your adventure?

La-Mulana was released around the world. Your comments encourage us. I’d like you to post them. Thanks to your support, La-Mulana took first place in all Wiiware charts in Europe. And, the reviews are being published gradually. If you haven’t made up your mind whether you buy La-Mulana or not, you may refer to them. […]

WiiWare version comes

Today, La-Mulana English WiiWare version will be released in North America and Europe. It won’t be released at the same time because there is a time difference between North America and Europe. Please wait for it. We usually use tag “#LaMulana” when we tweet about La-Mulana. I hope that you use “#PlayLaMulana” when you tweet […]

Looking back on the history again

“History of La-Mulana” was made when PC version was released at PLAYISM. This Promotion video is for overseas fans who waited a long time. We wanted to say, “Thank you for waiting a long time. We will release the game we promised.” And, We release this Promotion video before English WiiWare version is released. Then, […]

The beginner’s guide to La-Mulana

I heard there were players who gave up La-Mulana before entering the Ruins when La-Mulana Japanese WiiWare version was released. Besides, there are many players who didn’t know what they should do in the Gate of Guidance, I heard. So we made this movie in haste. We surveyed setbacks that players suffered, and incorporated hints […]