New release information

WiiWare version’s LA-MULANA has been released in overseas, and we received high evaluations.
In the meantime, new release plans were proceeding.

It is determined to release LA-MULANA on GOG and Gamer’s Gate. Actually, it has been already released.

Especially on GOG, it is sold for $9.99 this week only as release anniversary sale.
On top of that, SSCC version of added music in remake version is included as a bonus.

We are sorry for everyone who has already bought it on Playism, but we are sure that some volunteers would make the sound sets.

Playism is trying to find other places to release LA-MULANA. Of course, Steam Greenlight is one of the options.

While the metascores(both PC and WiiWare version) are high, we are going to take advantage of it and rush out!


  1. 3ds Version, Please!!

  2. I like this game,
    and i really interested to see this game on PSVita,and Sony loves Indie games.
    I think this might be a perfect 🙂

  3. Gustavo Chavarria says

    Please work with Sony towards adding this to the Vita, I love playing indie games on this console. It’s getting to have a nice selection of indie games and each gem further shows players that they are something wortwhile checking.

  4. Mr Misagi says

    Please get this on PS Vita. Sony loves indies and this would make a great title on PSN!

  5. I found a bug. When you have defeated the eight gaurdians the fire from the Cross of Light in The Approach of The Gaints isn’t animated.
    Although it far from ruins the expirience! I believe you have done naught but improve the game. bv

  6. La Mulana is not Greenlit, nor is it on the front page, and they just Green-lit McPixel.

    Steam has no freaking idea what they’re turning down, even Nintendo was smart enough to change their mind.

    Tell me ONE game Steam made that actually got and held a Metacritic 95.

  7. Cardia says

    SSCC musics are the Original music version (for those who played the original La-mulana, they’ll understand how awesome the music was)

  8. Namworth says

    To those looking to buy the GOG version for the SSCC music stuff. Just to make sure you know, the SSCC tracks are just a .zip of 7 songs of the Remake done in the SSCC sound style. They are -NOT- a sound set for use in the game. So those who bought from Playism, dont worry, you’re not missing anything at all. =)

  9. denpanosekai says

    What is the SSCC version??

  10. How about releasing it on MAC!!! PLEASE!!!

  11. SirPrimalform says

    Thank you for all the PC releases being DRM-free so far!

    I just got this on GOG but I’m slightly confused by “On top of that, SSCC version of added music in remake version is included as a bonus”.

    Is this something I should have then? Is it the thing that GOG lists as ‘soundtrack sample’?

    Love you guys!

  12. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Hell temple is additional high-difficult stage.
    To my regret, WiiWare EU/NA version don’t include it.
    But PC version includes it.

  13. Xevka says

    I have one question : What about The Hell temple ? Never saw a DLC for European La-Mulana. Is it directly ingame or availible as DLC soon ?

  14. Ooh, nice 😀 Gonna get it through gog then! Thanks guys!

  15. LaMulanaFan says

    & so you should release La-Mulana everywhere! Everyone should enjoy it, its an extremely amazing game 😀 Thank you for releasing it on WiiWare, I love playing the game on my TV. Hopefully one day you can put it on the 3DS eShop, I think the 3D graphics would work perfectly for this game & I would definitely buy it day 1 even though I own it on my Wii already, its just that good. Once again thanks for the really awesome La-Mulana!!

  16. I bought the Playism release as soon as it came out. Being released on GOG for a reduced price doesn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact, I’m excited about it. It’s getting a greater audience that way, which La-Mulana deserves completely. It’s that thought that made me start a chain of Steam Greenlight votes among my friends in hopes that it can reach the people that’ll truly appreciate it.

    All this makes me want to do is ask how I can help even further. You guys deserve nothing short of a wide range of releases for this jewel of a game.

  17. Loic Daneels says

    Do you have any plans to port the La Mulana to PS Vita or 3DS ? I would love to see the game released on a handheld.

  18. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Please press your friends to vote for GreenLight.

  19. Jack Dandy says

    Congratulations on the new sell avenues, hoping you reach Steam as well.

  20. >SSCC version of added music in remake version is included as a bonus.

    >We are sorry for everyone who has already bought it on Playism,
    >but we are sure that some volunteers would make the sound sets.

  21. Abster says

    I’m interested in the SSCC version music for the remake. However, I already bought the PC version from Would there be a way to get that extra bonus stuff?