WiiWare version comes

Today, La-Mulana English WiiWare version will be released in North America and Europe.
It won’t be released at the same time because there is a time difference between North America and Europe. Please wait for it.

We usually use tag “#LaMulana” when we tweet about La-Mulana.

I hope that you use “#PlayLaMulana” when you tweet your progress, joy, frustration, scream and so on.
Then, you and I can enjoy other players’ difficult situation.


  1. I grabbed this yesterday and I’d just like to say I’d love to see a 3DS port, too.

    (Yeah, I know: it took this one forever, but I’m looking ahead for you 😉

  2. Jeremy Thompson says

    Already bought it and loving it…!

  3. Thatnerdguy says

    Great to hear you’ve finally released it! I’m going to stick with my PC version, though.

  4. I have been singing the song of curry all day since I read this this blog ( through-out all my schoolday). I shall now ascend the stairs, turn on the wii for the first time in three months and continue to spend some of the best ten dollars I’ll ever spend!

    Thank you NIGORO. Thank you ENJOY-UP. Sincerely.

    I’m still working on buying a new computer so that I can go to hell, and “I Promise” it will be done in honor of all the hard work you did. Please know I’ll be kicking my head trying to understand the history of LA-MULANA.


    We would like to release it someday. I can’t guess when we develop it.
    We have no energy to spare now.
    Thank you.

  6. ForOhFor Error says

    Again, do you guys plan on putting out some tool for editing boss rush maps/language files?

  7. Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!

  8. T-Mick says

    Just downloaded it 20 minutes ago. So far, so good!

  9. Hope La-Mulana does well, it certainly deserves to. For Dutch readers, I wrote a review on the WiiWare version of La-Mulana for games website Level 30, where it received an impressive score of 89 (out of 100) !

  10. David says

    Great news! Who published eventually?