For Steam

We have got lots of ideas and lots of comments of achievements.
Thank you very much for your helpful answers.
Considering pros and cons about achievements, we are going to prepare some achievements that only LA-MULANA could.

Firstly, we have to work up Steam version in order to sell LA-MULANA on Steam.
This is our first try, so we are not sure how long it takes.
But, before we lose your interest, we will do it without stopping.

Meanwhile, it is the highest time we have to let the world know LA-MULANA with our full power.
We might have to fly around the West and promote it.
But, we also need to ask PLAYISM to do it overseas.

Speaking of PLAYISM, they are our publisher for Steam.
You might be concerned whether you can get Steam key or not.
Why don’t you check out PLAYISM’s website or Facebook page until they make an announcement?

And then, we will boost this official site last time.
We have plenty of plans though, it’s so hard to set them up.
Do not miss out until distributing LA-MULANA on Steam.


  1. Melopahn says

    I can’t wait to pay more money to you for this amazing game. I haven’t played anything that comes close to being as challenging and rewarding as La Mulana. I will make everyone I know play this game the second it hits steam.

    Thank you for making such an amazing game

  2. Kamen Rider Gumo says

    Heh – I can’t seem to locate my Playism account info. It will let me log in several different ways, but none of them show La-Mulana on my downloads, so I can’t even prove I did buy it (which means trouble if my hard drive dies, as I lost the original install file). But I have it on the Wii, so I’m not too worried over it. It is great that Steam is doing this, though; they’re actually one of the more fair publishers out there from what I can tell.

  3. Jason says

    PLAYISM Has already stated a few times on Steam that anyone who provides proof of purchase will get a steam key. Wish more publishers/devs would be that open with keys to games and software already purchased.

  4. Armored Chocobo says

    I’m pretty sure at least PLAYISM customers are gonna get a Key for the Steam copy, I heard something about that back when the game was released through them.

  5. Yay! I’ve waited so long for this o/

    I’m thoroughly enjoying my japanese La-Mulana, but to know it’s going on Steam?? I’m going to buy it again 😀

  6. Having the Steam key for those who have already bought it in Playism would be a great detail 🙂

  7. Kamen Rider Gumo says

    In a way, I’m sad to see the LA-MULANA project come to an end, but let’s face it: You made it to Steam, which is arguably the largest digital-distribution video game market right now. That being said, since I bought it from Playism and from WiiWare I won’t need to buy the Steam version, but all the same I do wish you a great many sales!

    I’ve been following La-Mulana ever since I stumbled upon DeceasedCrab’s YouTube page back in 2009 and it’s become my favorite independent game of all time, and I don’t see that ever changing. The story and its potential have inspired me like no other, and the success NIGORO has had over the years has given me hope that my own projects can succeed (one of which is actually a Dungeons & Dragons-type tabletop RPG campaign heavily influenced by LA-MULANA; I hope my players enjoy it as much as I have your game).

    On the chance that this ends up being my final comment on this blog, I want to extend my thanks to everyone at NIGORO for making one of the most fun, engaging and challenging games I’ve ever played in my life. May you all live long and prosper.

  8. hamdan says

    We need la-mulana for wii u

  9. Game looks great! Just discovered it today and found out it was Greenlit!
    Will be purchasing the game and uploading gameplay to my youtube channel!


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