La-Mulana Ver. has released.

First, an update for you.
Thanks for your support, La-Mulana has been nominated Indie of the Year 2012 TOP100 of Indie DB.
If you haven’t vote it, please vote for La-mulana.

So, La-Mulana Ver. has released today.

The detail is as follows.
1. Fixing screen tearing in 60hz refresh rate on some particular monitors.
2. Fixing other minor bugs.

Customers who bought La-Mulana on Playism can download the latest version’s installer(NOT PATCH) at MY ACCOUNT page on PLAYISM. And then, the update will finish when you complete the overwriting instalation.
Customers who bought it on the other sites, it is basically the same way.

Finally, we beg you to do two things.

1. Please vote up La-Mulana on Steam GreenLight.
2. Please call for voting to your friends.

We would really appreciate your support.


  1. GmaGamer says

    I’m stuck in Chamber of Birth – can’t seem to get large clay doll to appear! Have tried numerous times and he appeared once…then I died! Can’t remember what I did differently to make him appear! Help!

  2. GmaGamer says

    @ GeminiSaint

    I’m on the La Mulana game. I followed Armored Chocobo on his site into the Graveyard of the Giants and he double jumped through an ice wall, which I could not do. I think I did something wrong also in the Godess Tower. I am trying to get to some bombs, but I’m stuck, and other than starting over, I am not sure how to remedy this problem.

    Ultrajman, I got so excited when I read your post (I was in disbelief). Immediatly, on my kindle fire with a key board the size of us in the eyes of the mother, I signed in to steam, signed into my e-mail, typed in the verification code, and felt the happiest I’ve felt all week! I am so happy you gave this news that, if I had it, you’d be given the treasure of life!

    NIGORO, I am not worried anymore! Congratulations on successfully sailing your goods through the stormy Pacific and landing on the bustling port of Steam!

    YE _ HAAW!!

  4. ForOhFor Error says

    Congratulations, guys. Steam finally greenlit you, months after they should have.

  5. I’m worried. When you play a good game like this you not only love the game, but you also get a respect for the makers of the game. I read somewhere that LA-MULANA Wii was a huge success in Japan, but I’m not sure. Here in America I have never met anybody or heard of anybody who has heard of the game, and it does not look like it became popular on the American Wii (judging by the lack of ratings). It is the top seller on Playism, but Playism is not a popular site to buy on…
    You people spent such a long time trying to land this game over here, and it must have cost a ton. How is the company? Can you continue to develop games?
    I believe the best thing you can do now is put LA-MULANA somewhere popular and new (- Wii.U, because the format shouldn’t be that different from Wii -Xbox, where there is a fan-base for indie gaming). I know that almost every gamer who likes a challenge will like this game, I they can just try it!

  6. Romain says

    Hi again.
    I tried installing DirectX 9.0c as you said, but it can be installed only on older versions of Windows (up to XP).
    Hope a fix for Windows 8 will be released.

  7. UltraJMan says

    Congrats on being Greenlit!!!

  8. Hello,
    i’m a fan of La-Mulana, i think is one of the best indie/videogames i’ve ever played!
    Are there any chance to see La-Mulana on eshop to download and play it on 3ds? Or retail?

  9. GeminiSaint says

    I’d like to help, but I’m not sure which puzzle you are talking about.

  10. Armored Chocobo says

    I just hope you never fix the quicksand platform glitch. That is just too hilarious, who cares if someone gets teleported to the Surface on occasion, It’s funny as hell!

    Also, any plans on new game modes/DLC/Add-ons?

  11. Happy new year.

  12. Phoenix says

    I heard there was a Pay-What-You-Want sale at Playism, but either I was mistaken, or the sale is over. Or maybe I can’t figure out the Playism website, haha.

    I would have loved to have picked this up. Will there be another sale soon?

  13. GmaGamer says

    Thanks for the help! Now I’m stuck on a puzzle coming in from the back door of Graveyard of the Giants in the Altar of Knowledge. I jump on the correct ledges and activate the correct switches, but I cannot activate the middle switch. I have tried it three times now with the same result. I have not been able to get to a save point in this land either. I came in through the Tower of the Goddess. Did I do something wrong in the Goddess Tower? Please advise.

  14. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    La-Mulana PC is made for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. We didn’t make a test run of it on Windows 8. If you didn’t install Direct X 9.0c on your PC, please try to do.

  15. Romain says

    I can’t play La-Mulana on Windows 8. I just bought it on Desura and the game crashes as soon as I launch LaMulanaWin.exe (“LaMulanaWin.exe stopped working”).
    I tried Windows 8’s compatibility mode, run as administrator, didn’t work.
    Sorry to post this here, I didn’t find any other place to submit bug reports.

  16. Arucard says

    Sorry, I realized I was reading the wiki wrong, putting two sentences together. On another note, I do still get screen tearing in most resolution/refresh rates.

  17. Dennis Saghri says


    I have an issue with the save files. Could you email me your email, so I can specify further?

  18. Petros says

    I hope they’ll update the GOG version too

  19. Arucard says

    Was the combination for warping to rear fields changed? I know I was doing it in another save, and the wiki now says you need miracle.exe to do that which I know I never got before.

  20. Stijn van Drongelen says

    There is still a minor issue where Lemeza gets stuck in stationary platforms if I jump on top of them. When I try to jump up, I only dig deeper, until I disappear and get transported to the starting village.

    It happens only rarely: I only saw it happen twice in over thirty hours, so it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the game.

  21. Did you read the Grail tablets with the translator equipped?

  22. ForOhFor Error says

    GmaGamer, Have you only saved at the other grail points, or did you read them with reader.exe activated. You need only to read the tablet with reader.exe on to activate the warp points.

  23. GmaGamer says

    I purchased La Mulana on WiiWare a few months ago, but I can only teleport to the surface. I have the grail and have tried saving on other screens but still I can only warp or teleport to the surface. What am I doing wrong? Is there a bug in the Wii Ware version of this game? I have been watching other gamers teleport everywhere and I keep having to go back to the surface. When I go to the warp option the surface screen pops up and when I use the directional pad the surface screens flash briefly in a circle like it is not working properly.
    Please advise!!

  24. Still loving the game. So far I’ve made plans with my friend to have him play it on his birthday, and we have both voted. He voted at the library, but lost his computer so he can’t get it for PC or Wii.

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