New release information 2

We think more people can play LA-MULANA since it was released on GOG and Gamer’s Gate. In the meantime, a new release plan were proceeding.

It is determined to release LA-MULANA on DESURA. Actually, it has been already released.

DESURA is a distribution site that is mainly consist of indie games and the MOD community is well-developed. We haven’t published an editing tool for LA-MULANA yet, but it is possible to do MOD. It should be easy to replace graphics and sounds. Is there a great guy who makes a set of all original music?

We have fixed some bugs for new releases. The version released on GOG, Gamer’s Gate and DESURA is The detail of bug fix is as follows.

Version bug fix

– Fixing an issue that the character gets stuck in particular places
– Fixing an issue that screen saver runs when using an USB controller or a game pad.
(Unless password is required when returning from screen saver.)
– Fixing an issue not to enter full screen mode for dual monitor environment
– Breast-baring sculptures of goddesses
– Also, minor bug fixes.

The people who bought it on PLAYISMcan download the latest version’s installer(NOT PATCH) at MY ACCOUNT page on PLAYISM.

Where else can we release it? Steam?
Well, we beg you to vote it up on Greenlight.


  1. Madrox8 says

    i relaly hope it gets greenlit on steam, i have it on wiiware but PC is just better due to updates at the developers own will. besides if it get son steam could promate a steam special by by $2 more USD get the soundtrack with it ;P


    There’s not a updater. If you want to install you need to re-download a installer. It is ver. Thank you.

  3. Krendall says

    I just checked my Playism account and I still only have the updater. When will be available?

  4. Shazamic says

    Any chance to have a french translation with mod ? i’m interested to try. Actually, i can’t edit the file script_code.dat in langage’s folder. Can you send me an email if you have the solution (and the right) ? Thanks.


    Excuse me. I can’t guess whether we will release Hell Temple for Wiiware USA version.

  6. Sylvio HODOS says

    Please, will the Hell Temple be released one day as DLC for Wiiware USA version…?

  7. LeRoy Logan says

    Will there be a patcher for eventually?

  8. Xevka says

    so I have a question here :

    I want the Hell temple on my WiiWare Version of the Greaat La Mulana. When is the release ? I’m really getting excited about that 🙂

  9. Nightgazer says

    @The Man
    Out of curiosity, where did you post those new graphics to originally? And has anyone else made any custom graphics? I’ve been looking around but sadly I haven’t been able to find much in the way of customization despite how easy it is for this game.
    Glad to see that sticking glitch get fixed. It’s gotten me more than once.

  10. Researched Mu / Wu, and paired with the knowledge from LA- MU LANA I have changed my e-mail, my username and my dreams.
    And I prefer the bare chested Goddess Statue because the cloth doesn’t look like it would realistically stay up.

  11. TheMaverickk says

    Not sure if anyone has an IGN account but I wanted to pass on that sadly very few people have rated it.

    When I visited the page they have for it, “users scores” have been giving low scores, what what I feel is no fair reason. The game was sitting at 5/10 according to IGN without fan support.

    So just passing this on, if you have an IGN account, vote for and give a score for La-Mulana. I figure fans who love the game should help balance out those who don’t love the game. I just think the game is brilliantly designed, and far better then most people know.

  12. Sylvio HODOS says

    Will the Hell Temple be released one day as DLC for Wiiware USA version…?


  13. Afdal says

    Still holding out for keyboard movement key remapping… 🙁

  14. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    As this article, the graphic data was created from the beginning.

    The goddesses are bare in Japanese WiiWare ver. But we used old graphics (wearing version) for PC version by mistake, and on top of that, nobody noticed it. By the way, the cause of it was that staff’s HDD was broken.
    Anyway, we decided to fix the graphics this time.

  15. The Man says

    Well, I’ve taken a look at the uncensored sprite-sheets and they bare an uncanny resemblance to my own. Well, I guess that was bound to happen, considering that I used your originals as the base for my design. Why did you decide to incorporate the uncensored version into the official game?

  16. I like boobies! Thanks!

  17. I confirm the v-sync issue with the screens transition. It’s actually pretty anooying so I’m gonna switch back to the previous version until this is fixed.

  18. Julio Pacheco says

    Fantastic game Nigoro, love all the effort you put into your game. Keep making great games!

    A fan from Mexico.

  19. The Man says

    The playism account page only has the patcher for I’d really like to see those statues. Did you change them back due to the existence of my sprite sheet?

  20. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    It is undecided.

  21. What about releasing on the MAC?

  22. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Please download the installer and run it. Then, you can install version

  23. Kegel says

    My Playsim page only has the update and the original download. No

  24. LA-MULANA STAFF says
  25. Just wondering, what was changed on the “Breast-baring sculptures of goddesses”?

  26. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Thank you for your report. It’s under investigating.

  27. I have discovered a bug in where it appears v-sync has been turned off. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled and the problem was not present in that version. I’m not entirely certain that v-sync is the problem but the symptoms appear to be related to that. When moving between screens in the screen tears like most games do without vertical sync enabled.

  28. LA-MULANA STAFF says
  29. Sabin Stargem says

    Concerning the goddess sculptures, have they been censored? I would really rather not download a game that has been censored because that is against my principles.

  30. I don’t know what else to do to get the word out…

    As for different music; a lot of LA-MULAN-ese music would sound great vocalized and I know a great men’s chorus. Given the musical notes they would probably sing and record it!