The beginner’s guide to La-Mulana

I heard there were players who gave up La-Mulana before entering the Ruins when La-Mulana Japanese WiiWare version was released. Besides, there are many players who didn’t know what they should do in the Gate of Guidance, I heard.

So we made this movie in haste.

We surveyed setbacks that players suffered, and incorporated hints of the beginning into that movie.
Now we released that movies with subtitles of English and Various languages.

English / German / Spanish / Italian / French

I know that a man who visits this blog can enjoy playing this game by himself from the beginning. However, if your friends are interested in this game, show him that movie.


  1. I’ve finished the flyers that you can print and hand out, but I do not know how to share it!

    Please, how do I post a word document here!

  2. LA-MULANA deserves so much more than what it’s receiving! If anybody took a serious look at this game they’d say it’s one of the best out there! I am making flyers to hand out in my school, a link to which I’ll post once its finished!
    Please, commenters, advertise this game and make it shine! Make it shine like that game you once knew and nobody talks about! Vote it up on Steam Greenlight! Spread the word on facebook and twitter! Post stuff on you tube! Don’t let it fall into the abyss of failed games of the past!


  3. Wonderful. I hope that now that LA-MULANA is on the Wii you hard working NIGORO folks can relax.
    Although after your break it would be great to have this on Wii-U.
    Thank you, NIGORO.
    Thank you, ENJOY-UP.

  4. tinman says

    You guys are just fabulous! This release on WiiWare is nothing less than a miracle. A heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to Japan and Spain. You ROCK!

  5. I got all the way to Eden without any assistance whatsoever.

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