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La-Mulana was released around the world.
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Thanks to your support, La-Mulana took first place in all Wiiware charts in Europe.

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nintendolife review

It says 10/10! I was surprised!

I hope La-Mulana reaches Steam by this force.
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La-Mulana – Greenlight(Steam)



    La-Mulana Japnese official site is Japanese only.
    And, we don’t approve comments that we regard as spoilers.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. At Xionix ,
    Good job finding that tablet, could you post what it says on the latest update on the Japanese site, l’m interested because I have been taking notes on what I’ve read and havn’t found it. I used a guide to double check myself after beating a boss in the original, and used a guide to get through the Twin Labyrinths and The Chambers of Extinction and birth completely (Not to mention HELL TEMPLE, although I still couldn’t get through it). For the new version of the game I have not used a guide accept for two puzzles.

  3. Xionix says

    For the ppl asking about the grail in the Graveyard, I’m gonna write this spoiler free. There is a tablet that tell you the other way to get there, in this game if you get used to hints or strategy guides too much, you will not get the change to understand how got those tablets works, pay attention to them. I have been stuck for like 2 weeks lol. I want to know, does someone have beat this game without using strategy guide? I want to beat this gem without using one, but I will like to know if someone have done it before. Btw, there’s a big change that this game will become my favorite game of all time. Thx again Nigoro.

  4. BigDaddy says

    But you can’t drop the bottom block if you drop the top block first. If you drop the top block first, the path to reach the weight pedestal is blocked by the top block. The invisible path by the bottom weight dias is forever inaccessible because you can’t reach the bottom weight dias.

    No worries, I am playing through the game again as a speed run since I did everything the first time except beat the final boss and all the puzzles are fresh in my head. I’m 2.5 hours in, first four guardians defeated, about to fight the fifth, have 3 seals, chain whip, and setting up battles with the remaining guardians.


    Hi, adventurers.
    The problem in Graveyard of the Giants is NOT A BUG.
    If you drop two ice blocks, you can find another way to the save point.
    But the way of remaked PC version is different from the one of Wii version.
    Good luck to you!

  6. Frozone says

    I think I have encountered the same problem.

    I cannot access the save point in Graveyard of the Giants.

    Any clues? Nigoro, please answer.

  7. BigDaddy says

    How do you get past that part then? I have seen on many web pages that people are stuck because they dropped the top ice block first and are now unable to finish the game. I am one of those people. Thankfully, I have played and beat the game on the PC (original and remake) so I know the ending, but I was surprised when I couldn’t pass through the ice on the platform below the puzzle. I have looked around the Graveyard of the Giants and can’t spot anything else that could help me get past this part. I have done everything now in the game except read that grail tablet. I have also tried to get past the puzzle in the Temple of the Moonlight in the hopes that I can make my way to the Graveyard’s grail tablet to no avail and lots of lightning strikes from the Eye. Any tips or spoilers that you can provide that will assist us all in getting past this part will be greatly appreciated. Or a patch if that’s what is required…


    Do not worry.
    You’ll have other way.

  9. Ooops says

    The Grail Tablet in the Graveyard of the Giants is permanently inaccessible if you drop the upper ice block in the room with two ice blocks…

  10. Xionix says

    BEST GAME ON THE WII!!! And one of the best console games this generation. We are in a time and place where 3D and guns rules the gaming industry, and a game that make you use your brain have become a taboo. I’m glad that Nigoro step up to reminded us that our brains exist. I have been stuck for like 3 days now, and I feel joy in a strange way. Thx guys, I hope to see another 2D adventure from you.

  11. Dear La-Mulana team… I am atonished. I started playing yesterday night and I was unable to stop! I am addicted to this game! It is simply the BEST exploratory game I ever played. When I as a child, back in 1986, I used to play Montezuma’s Revenge on my old Atari 2600. I loved the subject of the game ~ archeological exploration in ancient ruins ~ and I EVER DREAMED about a new and modern game like that one.

    Then… La~Mulana comes!
    25 years after, my dreams come true!
    I am 35 years old now, and live in Brazil, I work with pixel-art/dot-art —– —– and I simply LOVE LA~MULANA! All aspects!

    I L O V E Y O U G U Y S !
    Thanks for this game.

  12. I completed the main game and Hell temple, and I have the video proof!

  13. Nightgazer says

    Man all of these people who are beating the game or are close to beating it and I’m still stuck on Viy. I need to step it up a bit.
    Congrats on your success.

  14. Hey NIGORO, I love this game!

    I wrote a long article/review at N-Sider.

    It’s a really great game.

  15. I plan to get the game when I get money =/ Dunno when I get money ,but hopefully before december… Anyway, I’m gonna buy it at some point :3

  16. 絶対に~信じられない~信じられないほど~素晴らしい!

  17. Sylux says

    Congratulations on the well deserved 10/10! I’m so proud of you guys right now 😀

  18. I never experienced La-Mulana before, but I have to say that it is an absolutely mind blowing game. It’s been a long time since a game has challenged me in this way. If you enjoy challegning well developed games and you own a Wii, you should definitely give this game a shot.

  19. Comments on this game. Where to begin.

    I found the original release when looking up free games that were considered, ‘great.’ I played it, and I agreed – except I used a guide for most of it.

    So, when I saw the midnight (+1 hour) release of the announcement trailer for this remake, I got really excited, and vowed to not use a guide when I played through this one.

    3 years later, and the reward for not using a guide has never felt greater.

    I enjoy the new aesthetics, breathing life into an already living ruin. I adore the more refined controls, so it really feels like my fault that I did bad, instead of the game. And the little feeling of success after solving a puzzle where the solution was really simple.

    Currently, I am stuck at the final boss (and the only thing that I might need a guide for, Hell Temple) – and have been for about a month. Thank you, NIGORO, for this beautiful game…that I still can’t beat.

  20. Congratulations on having a successful launch worldwide on both PC and Wiiware!

  21. GeminiSaint says

    I’m loving the game so far. I started playing it today, and I found the Holy Grail and a few other items, and solved a few puzzles in the first area of the ruins, but I haven’t found any bosses yet. I’ll go back the the game as soon as I can!

  22. TheMaverickk says

    This is honestly the new Super Nintendo game I’ve always dreamed of playing on Wii Ware. I am playing it using a Club Nintendo Super Famicom controller and it just feels great.

    It’s so clear how much time and effort went into this game, the animations, and the cool effects, and the awesome level of detail. Please continue to make games this deep and involving.

    I’ll buy this a second time if it lands on Steam too.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. RELEASE THE DLC AS WELL!!! Doesn’t have to be right away but I’m going to want it on the WiiWare eventually so I can enjoy it thoroughly.

  23. Harri says

    MSX was quite big in Finland when I grew up, and I was a huge fan of Maze of Galious and other Konami games. (I still am.) I only just started playing La-Mulana, but I am absolutely loving every second of it! You have captured that same magical feeling of adventure, but at the same time, La-Mulana has a personality of its own and it’s fresh and inspired. I love all the little details and I can’t wait to find out what lies deeper in the ruins… The PDF manual with the awesome Konami-style title image is just perfect too!

  24. I have already completed the main game. Currently I am challenging the Hell Temple. It is not so terrible at first, but it quickly turns into a torture device about a little under halfway in.

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