Title screen

START Start the game from the beginning.
CONTINUE Resume playing from the last Quick Save Point you touched.
LOAD Resume playing from where you previously left off. Select the save data file you want to play and then press the Confirm button.
Settings Open the Setting Menu.
Key Config Configure buttons to be used on your keyboard or game pad.
* if modify key assigns by yourself, see Key configurations
Sound Adjust BGM/SFX/ambient SFX volume.
Display Method Switch game screen display mode between full-screen, window display, etc.
Quality Adjust display quality. If the game seems heavy and laggy, selecting “Low” may help make gameplay more smooth.
Language Select from English, Japanese, etc.
GLOSSARY A guide to the ruins in which you can check a variety of data. Pages will be added as you read the data ROMs left in the ruins.
EXIT End the game.
SYSTEM COTROLS We have set up controller configurations using the bare minimum required keys for those using game pads other than Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers. When changing these settings, you can change the Confirm button, etc. from SYSTEM CONFIG.
* if modify key assigns by yourself, see Key configurations