Several years have passed since the secrets of the La-Mulana ruins, said to be the cradle of all civilization, were revealed by a single archaeologist.

The ruins were almost totally destroyed, and inspections have barely made any progress. But nearby villagers have succeeded in turning the entrance to the ruins into a hot tourist spot.
Known as the "7th Children" born from the "Mother" – the source of all humanity – the villagers who have spent millennia protecting the ruins have begun a new life.

But monsters have began popping up from somewhere within the ruins, which have now been transformed into a tourist spot. The "Mother" birthing the monsters – the La-Mulana ruins themselves – were supposed to have stopped functioning altogether.

The village elder sends a request for the inspection of the La-Mulana ruins to a father and son team of archaeologists, but currently lying low in order to escape the anger of the villagers after previously having almost completely destroyed the ruins, they apparently can’t be contacted. That’s when Lumisa Kosugi, an archaeologist’s daughter, arrives at the village.

The Eg-Lana ruins – also known as "the other La-Mulana" – were used by the inhabitants of the ruins as a land of exile. There lies evil, hatred, rage...
Will Lumisa prove able to uncover and solve the mysteries of the Eg-Lana ruins?