App Menu

The various apps which can be acquired both in and outside of the ruins can be installed to your Mobile Super X3.
There are a variety of apps, from those which will prove crucial in your adventure to good ol’ video games.

Special Menus Some software will have a menu added to the tablet when loaded. These menus can be used by toggling between them.
There are some special menus will allow you to use the applicable software by pressing the item button added to the top of the screen.
Xelputter Load this to view the Elders’ various messages. Unfortunately, the player is not able to respond or send messages of their own.
Yagoo Map Reader An app for displaying maps. The map for the area of the ruins currently occupied is displayed on the Pause Screen.
TextTrax 2 TextTrax 2: Text-saving software. Press the "Save Message" button when text is displayed, and it will be saved.
SKULL An app developed by Fobos. It can extract the data from Crystal Skulls into a text format. You can launch the app from the menu screen.
Snapshots An app that can analyze murals caught on camera. It scans for hidden messages within the murals.
MANTRA Software for saving ancient mantras. Use this to recall mantras via the Djed Pillar.
Ruins Encyclopedia An encyclopedia app that lets you view data on various things. Loading in data ROMs discovered in the ruins will add extra pages.
Alert An app that analyzes air particle structure, alerting the user to danger. If poison gas is detected in the vicinity an alarm will sound. A readout of the threat will appear on the pause screen.
Race Scanner An app that determines the race of an ancient text's origin. The information will be added to the Scan screen.