Online manuals in various languages release

All the members of NIGORO are Japanese. We learned English at school, but we can’t speak it. So, we can& […]

Original version on Wii

The other day we released promotion video for English WiiWare version. We release comparison version between W […]

Promotion video for WiiWare

This video was watched by a lot of people when Japanese WiiWare version and PC version was released. Now, we r […]


Happily, we came to be able to release WiiWare version overseas. We lost the publisher, and gave up releasing […]

We decided to release WiiWare version in North America and Europe

We decided to release La-Mulana WiiWare version in North America and Europe. The publisher is EnjoyUp Games ba […]

Update patch

Thank you for enjoying La-Mulana thoroughly. Thanks to you, we dug up serious bugs and updated La-Mulana. Aug […]

Don’t forget the original sound track.

Since the game is released worldwide, we can extensively promote the LA-MULANA’s original sound track. I […]

Do you enjoy exploring?

How is La-Mulana? Do you enjoy exploring? Be sure to tell us your impressions. I want to feel festivity overse […]

On Sale

LA-MULANA is released on PLAYISM. When you tweet your impression or progress of La-Mulana, please tweet them w […]

Thanks again.

Now, it’s a few hours to go!! Are you ready for an adventure? It’s just before releasing it, we&#8 […]