Don’t forget the original sound track.

Since the game is released worldwide, we can extensively promote the LA-MULANA’s original sound track.

It’s available on bandcamp.

You can also get the liner notes and jacket images on Download page.

The sound track is same as PC version’s BGM, but it has some extra tracks that are not in the game.
Be sure to buy it!



  2. Afzal Rahman says

    I wonder, would it be possible to release the *original* soundtracks for free distribution? Before Naramura’s original site ( went belly-up, the tracks were available to download from there (as noted in Also, is it possible to get the MIDI and SSCC soundtracks?


    We don’t officially authorize to use them.
    However we don’t restrict you from uploading it, and also we won’t request YouTube to delete it unless it is made for profit.

  4. Cameron says

    Would I be able to use some songs from this soundtrack in YouTube videos? Obviously, I’d cite NIGORO and the track name in the description, but are there any other requirements?

  5. LeRoy Logan says

    @ Akimaye :
    Did you try it with the software combo that revives Lemeza with 32 vitality upon a deadly hit?
    I’ve found that it doesn’t matter whether you have any vitality left at the end;
    as long as it went down to zero at some point during the fight, the bug is triggered regardless.

  6. Akimaye says

    @LeRoy Logan

    I reported that one to Playism quite some time ago. The best you can do to avoid it is avoid having your HP “absorbed” to zero on Palenque’s body.

  7. Strider says
  8. Strider says

    And, by the way, here is a post made from me, in an italian forum (i’m italian too), with a little review of La-Mulana at the end. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

  9. Strider says

    Yes, thanks a lot, after trying everything, Mulbruk has solved my problem… 😀

  10. ForOhFor Error says

    Strider, You need to talk to Mulbruk a few times.

  11. Strider says

    Problem solved… The Hell Temple is hard as… Well, as hell… 😀

  12. LeRoy Logan says

    I have a bug to report :

    When Lemeza dies at the same time as Palenque, the final sequence of the boss fight plays out like normal,
    but after the “Congratulations!” message and the plane crash, Lemeza’s dumped into a black screen with some
    invisible platforms and zero vitality ( it doesn’t even display a number); he can neither switch weapons or access his laptop.
    The game has to be terminated manually via the task manager at this point.

  13. Shedgehog says

    Finally beaten the game and I have to say mom was awesome. I can’t believe that the deceasedcrab and madamluna are actually in the credits. Speaking of deceasedcrab he has finally decided to let’s play La-mulana remake.

  14. Parapsyche says

    GiantBomb just posted a Quick Look of La-Mulana! That’ll help it get some more attention!

  15. Strider says

    I have a little problem… I have defeated all the eight guardians (only remains The Mother), but the access to hell temple won’t open.
    The stone head in the Gate of Guidance (where i need to talk to Draculet), is inaccessible. I cannot jump on the chin, and the stone slab is visible into the mouth.
    I have all the items and all the weapons.
    What is wrong?
    Thanks for the help…

  16. Samus Aran says

    I love La-Mulana and want to see it get the exposure it deserves. Have you contacted yet? They just recently set up an email address for game developers to contact them directly about carrying their games.

    Don’t let the language barrier stop you from bringing La-Mulana to new audiences. Communicate to them as best you can. Games are a universal language and the quality of your product speaks for itself.

  17. Shedgehog says

    @red chameleon
    Yeah, I first tried it with the hand scanner and that didn’t work. I did realise I had to use torudo.exe on it though.

  18. Red Chameleon says

    Shedgehog: By “scan” it means torude.exe, which I believe you buy from the shop in the Tower of Ruin. After you equip it, there will be a new section in your MSX.

    Once you’ve inserted the magatama jewel into the upper slot, you have to go to the grail point of the Chamber of Extinction, then head one screen up and two left. A few seconds after entering the wall should light up green. Use torude.exe at that point.

  19. Shedgehog says

    @ Akimaye, Parapsyche, mtomato

    Thanks I was worried that I had to do the entire game all over again. I must have misread it on La-mulana wiki.

  20. Charles says

    This comment is not related to the soundtrack, but I’m not sure where else to post it:

    Please include a way to turn off hard mode. I’m on my first playthrough and I’m trying to play completely without a FAQ, but inadvertently activating hard mode has made the game MUCH less enjoyable for a first-timer. I love the challenge of La Mulana and was having a great time with it, but to irreversibly ratchet up the difficulty of the entire game before the player knows what is happening just seems spiteful.

  21. Akimaye says

    The thing you scan is the mural in a completely different section of Chamber of Extinction. Warp to the area(Chamber of Extinction), go up and the 2 screens left and you would see the wall glowing green.

  22. Parapsyche says


    There’s no flash you need to scan in that room. Rather, you need to make your way to the giant mural in the other part of the Chamber of Extinction which will now be lit up green. That’s what you need to scan, and I’m pretty sure it stays lit permanently or at least until you scan it. The mural’s at screen D-4 of the Chamber of Extinction.

  23. mtomato says

    You don’t get the mantra.exe in that room.

    Do you remember seeing a big mural that seemed to lack a purpose in the Chamber of Extinction?
    Well, now it’s time to check it out.

  24. Shedgehog says

    I think I can’t beat the game anymore. To be able to chant a spell you need mantra.exe. And to get that you need to use the magatama jewel in the chamber of extinction where you beat the ox and horse bosses. There is a platform that will bring you up en you need to put the magatama jewel inside the magatama symbol. There will be a green flash and you need to scan it.
    The problem is that I forgot to scan the light and now the platform won’t go up anymore. I tried going to the gate of time and ask the fairy to redo the puzzle but she says that I can’t fix it.

    Someone please tell me how to fix this problem.

  25. Any plans to release the strategy guide? We can translate it, if it’s too hard for you!

    I also hope MSX minigames come back in a patch. Remember PR3? And MukimukiSD?

  26. Akimaye says

    I have a question Nigoro. It’s about that one song.
    “Take me to the sky, my children ”

    This is a really cool song, and for some reason I really do think it hints you may have planned an alternative ending where you do return Mother to the skies. Was that a possibility in the game?

  27. William Ruddick says

    I’d buy it if you sold a physical copy, but I wouldn’t be interested in a download only soundtrack where I would need to print out my own crap for it

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