We decided to release WiiWare version in North America and Europe

We decided to release La-Mulana WiiWare version in North America and Europe.

The publisher is EnjoyUp Games based in Barcelona, Spain.
We will release WiiWare version with their cooperation.

Release date is 20 September.
The details will be announced later on.

We will carry out our promise at last.
Thank you.


  1. Kesley says

    Finally! The day I have been waiting for for 4 long years is finally close to arriving. I can’t wait to download this game for my Wii. It is a shame I bought the PC version about a month ago because I figured I would never see it on WiiWare, but I will be happy to play with the Wii remote. This will probably be the last great game to come to the Nintendo Wii.

  2. Fenix says

    Is there going to be a demo available? I remember buying Cave Story on the Wii day one and felt the controls were atrocious compared to the PC version. I wouldn’t mind having both versions of La-Mulana because it is a great game, but my budget allows me to only purchase one or the other, so a demo would help me decide.

  3. Kamen Rider Gumo says

    This is probably yhr best news I’ve had all year. I have the PC release of La-Mulana (just beat Ampisbaena in the Guidance Gate and snagged the Grail), but now I can have the luxury of playing it on the Wii, as well. DEFINITELY a day-one purchase for me. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication, NIGORO!

  4. very nice, i will buy for wiiware,
    but pls make it also for 3dsware, doesn’t matter if it not use the 3d effect

  5. 1000 points it a really good price. Im getting this day 1

  6. Already got my Wii Points saved for this! I’m glad to hear it finally is coming out. I hope it will in fact have the DLC, at least Hell Temple, but I’ll be buying it either way. The 20th can’t come soon enough!

  7. lasthome says

    I understand that enjoyup games are the publishers but this is a nice chance to get in touch with spanish people so a spanish translation could be done.

  8. BPMOmega says

    That’s great news to hear, NIGORO. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be buying the WiiWare version, though. For those that plan to, and have not already purchased the PC version, you’re in for a HELL of a time. 🙂

    NIGORO, any chance of a 3DS eShop version of La-Mulana or other NIGORO games? I would love to play your games on the go! Or maybe a Wii U version? While WiiWare should be playable on Wii U, it would be cool to see the Wii U GamePad utilized (i.e. having the map or submenu always up).

  9. You guys rock! Indie forever!

  10. Pidgeo5 says

    La-Mulana is on Steam Greenlight now! Go vote for it by visiting it’s page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93001822&searchtext=

    You need to have a steam account first in order to vote (that’s easy to fix!).

    Come on guys! Let’s get La-Mulana on STEAM!!!!

    Tell your friends!

  11. Steam is what all my friends use. There has been lots of issues buying acomputer, so I’ll try to get the wiiware version.

  12. Marotti says

    Day one purchase for me! ”


  13. Wonderful news! Great price too (although I guess the DLC isn’t included), I’ll definitely be picking it up (again!).
    And like others have been saying, I think you should consider Steam Greenlight.

    Also, thank you EnjoyUp Games!

  14. Jeremy Thompson says

    YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!! Cant wait. Been waiting for what seems decades to play this game. Counting down the days!!!!!!

  15. T-Mick says

    This is great! I’ll be getting this version the moment it hits the store!

  16. Price is great! I’ll make sure to buy it and hope you get much $$$$ to make new games

  17. The Steam Greenlight feature is now public. To the developers, please submit a draft so as to bring this brilliant game to an even broader audience. You’ll have my vote.

    On another note, thanks EnjoyUp Games for not abandoning this game, unlike another one.

  18. MazinEnga says

    Amazing work guys.

    Now would be a good opportunity to submit your game to Steam. They have recently launched their Greenlight service. I’m sure hordes of people will vote for your game.

  19. I’m still working my way through the PC version (and enjoying it immensely, might I add… fantastic job!) But for 10 bucks I may just get it on Wiiware, too.

  20. Shedgehog says

    Oh man, Nigoro if you want to release La-mulana on steam this is your chance. Because they have released steam greenlight.
    Basically you post your game and people vote if your game will be released or not but I’m pretty sure La-mulana would get a positive reaction.

  21. LaMulanaFan says

    THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for so long for this to be released on WiiWare & now it’s finally coming. THANKS AGAIN! 😀 😀 😀

  22. pkt-zer0 says

    Cool stuff. In other news, Steam Greenlight is now live. Go submit the game there, and let the upvoting commence.

  23. saluman says

    No question… buying this game a second time. I’ve been waiting too long not to be happy that for you that something finally worked out. I hope this all helps you decide to make more games~

  24. You’re all welcome.

  25. Travis says

    Day one purchase for me! 😀

  26. Game’s so nice, I’ll buy it twice too. 🙂

  27. Parapsyche says

    Awesome job guys! I’m so glad to hear this! I already purchased and finished La-Mulana on the PC…but I’m planning to get the WiiWare version as well!

    Keep up the awesome work, and again, congratulations on getting this released in NA and Europe like you intended. It means a lot to many people that you didn’t give up on it.

  28. Amatsu says

    A bit late but…you know what, this is cool. I prefer the PC version, but with this you can reach a bit more people at least. All that is needed now is a Steam release, and everything is epic.

  29. madamluna says

    Congratulations to NIGORO and EnjoyUp Games!! You’ve all worked so hard to get this game out on Wiiware. I’m really happy for you guys, and I look forward to it! (I’ve had those points set aside for La-Mulana for years now!)

  30. This is great news. I’m very glad for you.

    Was the situation with the DLC levels in the WiiWare version resolved or will it simply be released without them? I hope for the best, but I was waiting for this version either way.

    Thank you, EnjoyUp Games.


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