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LA-MULANA is released on PLAYISM.

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  1. King Reggin says

    Will not purchase until it’s on Steam. Sadly, it sounds like this company will be dead long before it gets on Steam…perhaps someone kind enough will buy them out if that happens and put it on the number one place for indie games.

  2. pasabaporaki says


    I think the reason because saving the game works the first time but no the others is because the first time you play, after you have installed, the game runs in administrator mode, which has full privileges to accessing the computer. After that, running the game in user mode prevents the game from writing -any- file to its installed program files folder.

    This is a common mistake among windows developers, and I’ve seen high profile software to crash just because they tried to write a log file.

    Indeed, the proper place to save files is in My Documents, but there’s other files like user / appdata folders, etc

  3. Nightgazer says

    Several of the keys CAN be remapped. Weapons, sub-weapons, jump, and weapon/sub-weapon swapping can all be mapped freely. The only keys that can’t be re-mapped are the directional buttons and the keys to get into the menus.

  4. Blechy says

    Afdal, that’s extremely important to me too, but I followed the suggestions people had for me and downloaded AutoHotkey, and it made it a nonissue. Definitely worth it.

  5. Kalvascorp says

    To those with save issues on Windows, I believe the issue is that La Mulana saves under the Program Files folder instead of under My Documents, where it should be. Windows no longer allows programs to write to their own folders. I’m not sure why the first save works and the rest don’t, but anyway… In explorer find the La Mulana folder, typically c:\Program Files (x86)\NIGORO\La-Mulana\. Right click on the folder and click properties. Click the security tab. Click edit. Click add. Type in your username. Click Ok. Grant full control to the user. Click Ok. Alternatively, just right click on the La Mulana shortcut and click ‘Run as Administrator’ (you can set up the shortcut to always do this if you want. I recommend the first method though so it doesn’t have to run as admin.

  6. Chris says

    I have the same issue as Majin Wamu: The first time everything worked fine, but the second time I started the game it frezzes when I try to save. The game is unplayable for us until we find a solution for this. What could be wrong? This is really serious.

  7. hkmix says

    La-Mulana works natively on my W7 x64. Saving works just fine.

  8. Afdal says

    I can’t believe this has no key remapping. The original La-Mulana stood out among most Japanese PC games because it was one of the few with the thought actually put into consideration that some players might want to play with keyboard controls and be allowed to use them how they wanted. Is Nigoro planning on patching this in eventually? Because as it is, I don’t think I can justify spending money on this. Proper control setup is extremely important to me.


    We didn’t make La-Mulana free demo.
    Instead of it, you can use the tool you confirm whether La-Mulana for PC works on your system or not.

    La-Mulana runs on Windows7 64bit ver. But you need a little procedure.
    Please refer to this FAQ.

  10. Stojan says

    It says : La Mulana FREE DEMO – Where is it ??? (How to download)
    Also about System requirements : On Playism site says :
    …”OS: Windows XP (compatible with the latest service pack) CPU: Intel® Pentium 4 / 2.0GHz Memory: 1GB RAM Graphic board: Graphic board fully compatible with DirectX 9.0c, with at least 128MB of VRAM Hard disk: Hard disk with at least 500MB of free memory Sound card: Sound card fully compatible with DirectX 9.0c DirectX: DirectX 9.0c”…
    What about a Windows 7 ??? (64bit to be more precise !)

  11. mtomato says

    The game doesn’t support WASD, but there’s another way to do it.
    It is not the most conventional way, but you can re-map the directional keys by using an external program like AutoHotkey.
    It’s very simple too. Just use the AutoHotkey script below.


  12. Blizzz says

    @Blechy Binding directional keys to WASD is easy. For example in GlovePie it’s just one line: “Key.WASD = Key.ArrowKeys”

  13. MintE says

    Try running the game as administrator or running it in xp mode thing. You know what I mean.

    (also helps to read a little as your complaint was already brought up and, as far as I know, solved – albeit temporarily)

    Cheers man

  14. Majin Wamu says

    hello, I am having a bit of a problem with the game and I am really hoping you could help fix it. Every time I close the game and come back to it later and re-upload it, it wont let me save my game anymore. It just freezes, the music and sounds are still playing, but a box appears and nothing else happens. Please help me. I am running the game from a windows 7 laptop that is a little over a year old. I even ran that launch checker before purchasing and it said my computer is good. Please help me with my problem.

  15. MintE says

    Very nice job on the game Nigoro! I’m enjoying the hell out of it. It’s totally been worth the wait. Seriously. Thank you for the amazing game!

  16. Blechy says

    I don’t suppose there’s a way to map directional keys to WASD :[

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