Promotion video for WiiWare

This video was watched by a lot of people when Japanese WiiWare version and PC version was released.
Now, we release new one for English WiiWare version.

This is the most important video, and will be released at Nintendo Channel.

Please watch it on TV, then realize and enjoy that English WiiWare version will actually be released.


  1. Heck yes!

  2. T-Mick says

    Very nice. The Confusion Gate was my favorite area in the first game; I’m glad to be reminded of it in the trailer.

  3. Cardia says

    I love “Fearless Challenger”, this trailer is epic, I hope Wiiware players will enjoy this game as much as I did ! 😀

  4. Parnash says

    I’d have to say, the little teaser at Tiamat was my favorite part.

  5. Bareck says

    already bought the computer version but im still gonna buy this one! im barely into this game but ive gotten so far and having so much fun! THANKS!!!

  6. congrats on finally arriving on US wiiware!

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