Original version on Wii

The other day we released promotion video for English WiiWare version.
We release comparison version between WiiWare and original in a row.

This is already released at Youtube as you know.
But it is important that Nintendo’s console displays images of original La-Mulana in retro PC style.

Added at September 13 2012

This movie is for comparison graphics of Wiiware version with one of original (Classic) version.
I’m sorry for confusing you by my poor English.
I fixed the title.


  1. Brent says

    I’m really glad this is coming to Wiiware, but I’m pretty disappointed that it won’t have the Hell Temple.


    Thank you for your comment. I added an explanation to this article.
    It is difficult for me to use foreign language.

  3. Frank says

    The video is amazing, and I love all versions of the game, but please fix the misleading title. In another blog entry you already said that we can’t play the original version of the game on Wii.


    Thank you for voting for Greenlight. I am happy with your kind support.

  5. LA-MULANA deserves so much more than what it’s receiving! If anybody took a serious look at this game they’d say it’s one of the best out there! That’s it! I’m going on random people’s face-book pages and blabbing about it there!
    Please, commenters, advertise this game and make it shine! Make it shine like the cave story that only one out of twenty people know about! Vote it up on Steam Greenlight! Spread the word on facebook and twitter! Post stuff on you tube! Don’t let it fall into the abyss of failed games of the past!


  6. The translation makes such a difference! We must sound so silly when we write these notes! Thanks!


    English Wiiware version does not include DLC such as Hell Temple, time attack, and so on.
    Instead of it, the price is lower. Please enjoy it.

  8. So is this version exactly the same as the PC version? Will there by a hell level?

  9. Parnash says

    My god, that was amazing.

  10. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    We remade La-Mulana in modern style.
    We hope you enjoy it with new graphics and new sounds.

  11. Leon' says

    I didn’t undestood; you can play the game on both graphics on Wii ?? (cave story did that)

  12. LaMulanaFan says

    SO AWESOME! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for the 20th! πŸ˜€

  13. .hamdan says


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