Download contents add not only Hell’s Sanctuary field but also new play-mode, that is time attack mode. You can continuously fight against all Room Guarders or all Guardians and do time trials. After selecting Room Guarders version or Guardians version, you choose equipments for time attack like this. You can instantly kill weak bosses with full equipments, and you dare to challenge with minimum equipments.    Room Guarders version is based on the work which Japanese user created when original editing tool released. When you beat the last enemy, this pops up on the screen. Unfortunately, there is no network ranking system. This is our first time to enter into […]

Download contents

LA-MULANA has been undergoing the final lot check, and we hope the release date is determined soon. Meanwhile, we are going to publish new information which has not been revealed in detail in Japan. At this time, let’s talk about the download contents. The title is “La-Mulana Hell”, it is consist of two parts. The one is super high difficulty field called “Hell Temple” which existed in original edition, and another one is time-attack-style bosses rush battles which you can try to fight against “Room Guarders” or “Guardians”. We had lots of request for that when we decided to remake LA-MULANA . (Please wait English version…)

Regarding La-Mulana in North American and Europe

Hello! I’m Shoji Nakamura, the director of Asterizm (NIGORO), the developers responsible for La-Mulana. La-Mulana was released in Japan earlier this summer. We wanted to give our fans an update on the status. Since Japan and other regions are independent of one another, the release date for North America and Europe couldn’t be decided at that time. I suspect some fans may be waiting impatiently for the game’s release. I am one of them, too. We NIGORO have done everything what we can. NIGORO and Nicalis are currently working with Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe to coordinate the release in each respective region. All the translation/localization work was […]

How are we gonna do for sound track?

The BGMs of La-mulana are earning good reputation. We have a plan to release the sound track, but its form is not sure yet. We are worrying about how to make the form. We place a software which substitutes the sound track in the game. So,you can use your Will as a sound track if you get the software. You can also record it and edit it by yourself, and make a sound track which is able to play on your computer. Now, some people upload those music and movies. So what is the significance for us to release the sound track? There is no meaning unless we provide something […]

Regarding the USK rating

Thank you for a lot of comments upon our previous blog. It seems that, due to the way I have explained about the USK rating matter, I have caused you some misunderstanding. I sincerely apologize for this. Recently, the EU region has been reviewing their rating systems in attempt to unify their different rating systems. For this reason, USK has been also working on the new rating system and might require it. La-Mulana has already received their rating, however, it has been a while since then. As a result, we might have to re-apply La-Mulana in accordance with their new rating system. The matter is that we are not certainly […]

Doesn’t make any progress!!

Doesn’t seem to make any progress for US and EU version, although download contents has already been released in Japan!! We have been scolded like this from far and wide. That’s fair enough, we let this blog stand about 2 months. Today, we are going to inform you that how US and EU version are. First of all, the sales area is North America and Europe, in addition to that, Oceania (Australia etc.). For releasing these areas, we must pass the rating review in each country or area. It takes loooong time. The rating organization is called ESRB in North America, and we have already done it. OFLC is the […]

Japan Pre-release Information

As announced by some game sites, the Japanese release date of La-Mulana will be June 21th. La-Mulana will be released in Japan prior to other regions. To our fans, you just have to wait a tiny big longer. We’re sorry, but we’re, of course, doing our best to deliver La-Mulana to you as soon as possible. Currently, we are done with the final check and just waiting for the release date to be determined. We will announce it as soon as we find out, so please wait a little bit more! Additionally, although a date has to be announced, we can confirm (again) that La-Mulana will also be available in […]

We are making a guide book

I apologize that we haven’t had any updates for a long while. But we finally sorted out everything for the release of La-Mulana. We are now making a guide book for it. This is what the guide book looks like: This is a two-volume guide book and we plan to release it online. The first volume is a manual with some details of early stages and will be distributed before the upcoming release of La-Mulana. The second volume is a strategy guide which is inclusive of the final stage and will be distributed with a fee via Internet after the release of La-Mulana. Although this is a strategy guide, take […]

We are fine

We got many comments from overseas people who are worried about us. Thank you for your concern, we Nigoro are okay. Our debug team members live in North East Japan though, all of them are fine, too. Now, we are going ahead to release LA-MULANA with readjusting schedule. We are fine, LA-MULANA is also fine. So, just wait for a while, please.

We will finish soon!

We are sorry to have kept you waiting. The development of LA-MULANA seems to end this time. We will submit the mastering data(JP version) again in a few days. The release date will be able to be decided if there is no problem. We were busy with development of LA-MULANA. Therefore, new information had not been disclosed to you! Here is new screen shot of a guardians. please enjoy it. and more information. We will live broadcast on USTREAM tomorrow!! The first begins at 22:00(27th Feb.(Sun) – PST) on USTREAM NIGORO official channnel. 1st broadcast is good at time that overseas people can be seen. And, the second : around […]