Regarding La-Mulana in North American and Europe


I’m Shoji Nakamura, the director of Asterizm (NIGORO), the developers responsible for La-Mulana.

La-Mulana was released in Japan earlier this summer.

We wanted to give our fans an update on the status. Since Japan and other regions are independent of one another, the release date for North America and Europe couldn’t be decided at that time. I suspect some fans may be waiting impatiently for the game’s release.

I am one of them, too.

We NIGORO have done everything what we can. NIGORO and Nicalis are currently working with Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe to coordinate the release in each respective region. All the translation/localization work was completed after the Japanese version.

Unfortunately, we found some fatal bugs in the Japanese version after its release and had to resubmit it for an updated game file in Japan. Luckily,
the overseas game (that is, the North American and European versions) will already have these major issues addressed.

So, in July, we weren’t able to get lotcheck results for North America or Europe; with the latter, there was a misunderstanding on part of EU’s rating system.

We’re in lotcheck now, but can’t announce a release date until we receive final confirmation that the title has passed.

I see various differences between Japan and overseas countries. For instance, when we submit to Nintendo of Japan (NCL) versus other regions, the response times are different.

Nicalis, our publisher, is working closely with NOA and NOE.
We have already submitted a lot check, the game files still need to approved by NOA and NOE.
Although we have full control over the development of a game, we won’t always have direct control over the process to release a game; this is true for almost any distribution channel, including the Apps Store, PSN, Steam or XBLA.

As a result, we have kept you waiting. We are so sorry and regrettable for that. We do our best for releasing the overseas version. You will be the first to know as soon as we have a final release date.

We are planning to release La-Mulana’s original sound track.
It takes long time to make bonus track the same quality as the music used in the game, so we had a questionnaire before determining the release date.

We incorporated not only Japanese users’ opinions but also a lot of overseas users opinions.

Lastly, we may have some bonus content for those of you who have waited so patiently for the game’s release. Thank you so much for the support to NIGORO and Nicalis.


  1. waiting says

    I’m confused, so when is the speculated US/EU release? Sooner? Later? Ever? Totes excited.

  2. …huh? Somebody, where’d you get that from? They are releasing it, but its currently in checking process, whether by NOA/NOE, or file approval by Nicalis. (If its the latter, no wonder it’s taking forever.)

    Either the check hit a snag, or coordination is being worked on for release *coughNICALIScough*, but, either way, I can’t wait for the release.

  3. Hi NIGORO, could we please get some kind of update on what’s happening currently with the game? Even if it’s only a couple sentences or so, it would be nice. It’s frustrating waiting for something and hearing nothing about its progress!

  4. Seraph830 says

    Another Thursday goes by and La Mulana is missing from the release list. This is getting really obnoxious.

    Can you please give us some kind of update?

  5. Who said that they failed?

    Did they make an announcement of cancellation?

  6. Somebody says

    So, you guys decided not to release it after all? That’s cool, I guess. Sometimes in life, you have the best intentions, but you just can’t manage to muster the effort to follow through. At least everyone will remember that you sort of tried, yet mysteriously failed at the last possible second. That’s some sort of legacy you’ve got there.

  7. the duke says

    i hope the north american release is called la-mulana forever.

  8. Housemaster says

    Man, this is the longest loading screen ever! Hehe :p

    Seriously though, some more information would be appreciated on the current status of checks, what’s taking so long? I just don’t want Nintendo getting the idea that it’s too late to be releasing hit titles for the Wii in other regions with the WiiU being announced and the 3DS getting going. The same thing happened to the Mother series (Earthbound) and it’s pretty much dead in North America now, no hope for any releases ever.

    Anyways, get us some more info if you would Nakamura-san, even if it’s just to say you guys got no info yet 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work! Here’s hoping the 2011 release is still a possibility and you all sell millions of copies!

  9. EvanOgre says

    I’ve got my Wii points ready and waiting…

    Hope to see the game released soon. And maybe a soundtrack giveaway, for those of us who actually buy the game, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  10. tinman says

    This really begins to test my patience as a customer. Another month (good heavens!) has passed and you don’t see one tiny bit of progress. Others are able to push their games through lot check, so has La-Mulana come to a complete stop in this matter? No test can consume that much time when you’re just releasing a game that’s already been approved for other regions in new sales territories!

  11. Scummy says

    Any plans for a PC release like with the original La-Mulana?

  12. TheMaverickk says

    This isn’t all that surprising… I’m sure some people are upset about the lengthened wait, but I’m happy. It’s better for bugs to be found and squashed before it’s released further.

    Also it’s understandable on all parties why this process is so time consuming. Nintendo (just like Microsoft or Apple or any other provider) wants to make sure that before they launch a product that everyone is happy with what is being released.

    Which really is in everyone’s best interest. Bureaucracy is annoying but at times necessary.

  13. Ralph says

    Hello i have been waiting so long for this game and i hope it can be relased soon i have saved my wii points for this game and i really hope it gets here in usa within this year, as long as it does not get cancelled im ok, i will wait and wait for this amazing game whatever is needed

  14. ViewtifulGene says

    I’m just happy that the game is still alive.

    I already played it on PC, so I’m not that frustrated at the wait. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get over my wounds from Hell Temple, anyway. The remake should come out just in time for me to get back in there.

  15. tinman says

    Will this be pushed back to 2012?

  16. Stojan says

    There is no excuse for such a long delay !

  17. Nuromad says

    Looking forward to it!

  18. *Looks at top of page*
    *Sees shiny new ESRB ratting*

    I’m so excited. You guys are the best for keeping the fans updated like this.

  19. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, I keep checking the wii shop channel for La-Mulana every week, will the soundtrack be purchasable on CD / iTunes / something else?

  20. I think this will be a 2012 title but that’s ok.

  21. Kesley says

    Thanks for caring enough to keep your fans updated. I’m am still eagerly anticipating the release of this game here in North America.

  22. Abster says

    No prob. I’m fine with things that are at least explained. Standing by for the American release.

  23. Anonymous52555 says

    Aw but I liked some game crashing bugs in the Japanese version. That’s why I haven’t updated it yet. ^_^

    It’ll be nice to actually be able to read what everyone is saying though. My Kanji reading skills aren’t very good at all.

  24. Guys! Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

  25. pidgeo5 says

    Although I would love to play on the Wii, it seems the Wii’s life-cycle is beginning to wind down with the announcement of Wii-U coming next year. I would like to know if there are any plans to bring LA-Mulana to PSN, Steam, or XBLA.

  26. Linkshot says

    Good to hear from you guys. Was getting a little worried, but great to know it’s just protocol.

    I suppose you’ll make a new blog post when it finally hits the WiiWare stores, eh? Doesn’t really matter; we can always just drive up the bandwidth on Nintendo’s site ;P

  27. hamdan says

    No problem I will wait

    ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  28. tht guy here says

    awsome cant wait so i look forward to this

  29. paperwasp says

    maybe you should just release it for pc – even if this version isn’t directly compatible and requires reworking, it might still be ready for release sooner at this rate 🙂

    thanks for the continued updates – good to know it’s still coming 🙂

  30. Why can’t every company show this level of transparency?

  31. Nobody says

    Excellent to hear from you guys, good to see things are still moving forward! Best of luck on the final stretch!

  32. Retarokon says

    I’m glad that you’re letting us know the current status of the game. Not many developers would bother with that normally. I will continue to wait patiently for the game, hopefully it gets approved soon!

  33. Lem_Gambino says

    Man, I’ve been waiting for this game for so long, it’s been agonizing. I personally didn’t like the original La-Mulana because of the save system and difficulty in healing, but I’m all for the Wii version. I’m hoping NoA doesn’t push this game too far into the holiday season, if at all, because it’s gonna get lost in the shuffle of other titles. That being said, I will wait for it, and will continue to wait for it until it is released, because I know this game will be fantastic and worthwhile. ^_^

  34. Thanks for keeping us fans updated on the US version’s status! Still very excited to play the finished game when its released.

  35. 🙁

  36. Krendall says

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that it can take a lot of time to get a game released in another region. Heck, most games get released in Japan nearly a year before we see them in the US. I’d rather the time be taken so there aren’t any of those fatal bugs in the release rather than get something now that barely works.

    My only request is that we stay updated on the progress so we know things are happening.

  37. Sylux says

    Thank you for the update on the game’s status. Even though most of it has already been said, it helps us wait for the release.

    And did I read the words “bonus content”? =)

  38. inb4 complaining

  39. Arucard says

    It’s too bad for the delay, and even worse that you (Nigoro) have no control over it. I will continue to anxiously await as many others, my Wii will remain unused. wait I mean….

  40. Le Shad says

    I’m happy that you are doing your best to bring us La-Mulana Wii! I want to play it a lot, and I will buy it as soon as I can. Cheers!


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