We will finish soon!

We are sorry to have kept you waiting.

The development of LA-MULANA seems to end this time. We will submit the mastering data(JP version) again in a few days. The release date will be able to be decided if there is no problem.

We were busy with development of LA-MULANA.
Therefore, new information had not been disclosed to you!

Here is new screen shot of a guardians. please enjoy it.

and more information.

We will live broadcast on USTREAM tomorrow!!

The first begins at 22:00(27th Feb.(Sun) – PST) on USTREAM NIGORO official channnel.
1st broadcast is good at time that overseas people can be seen.

And, the second : around 5:00(28th Feb.(Mon)-PST) on NicoNicoLive.
2nd broadcasting becomes it for the people in Japan.

We were not able to show you good play last two times.
I will knock down Amphisbaena and Sakit and show you Ellmac and Bahamut this time!!

Please expect it.


  1. I will take the recently approved comments as the sign I was looking for that someone important is still alive. Please stay safe.

  2. A sign would be nice, any kind of update. Has another lotcheck failed? Come ooooon

  3. erppc says

    Hope you guys are ok.

  4. Tiktalik says

    I don’t think it’s going to come out.
    Nigoro hasn’t had any news since the earthquake in japan.

  5. tinman says

    How are you guys doing with the ongoing crisis in Japan right now? All the best to you and your fellow Japanese!

  6. Please give us some kind of sign that you have survived.

  7. weres the game

  8. The Retro Nutcase says

    Needless to say, with the crisis in Japan right now, I’ve been rather worried about all of you guys over at Nigoro. Hope you’re all doing okay, and the entire country is in my prayers.

  9. Ralph says

    This game looks really awesome I ve been waiting for so long now but I guess the wait seems worth it, really this is the game I have been waiting and saving my points for, lately wii ware is filled with crappy games but this will bring life to wii ware, keep up the awesome work guys, please release it soon!

  10. Congratulations on completing the updated version. This is going to be the best virtual console game.

  11. Pidge says

    @ Abster

    Thanks for the info. I guess that would make sense. I psyched to play the game where ever it ends up! I’ve been jonesing for another playthrough since I first played in 2007, so can’t wait to see how this new version has changed from the original! I wonder if the game will be released before or shortly after E3…

    Although, I still want to play this on PS3…for trophies! 😀

  12. Abster says

    They said this release is exclusive to Wiiware. If they make La-Mulana for PS3/360, it would be an entirely new game.

  13. Pidge says

    This question has probably been asked before, but has NIGORO thought about releasing the game on PSN and XBLA? It would be nice if there were achievements/trophies (especially for completing the Hell Temple!), but I would be happy to play it anywhere.

    I can’t wait for this game to come out! I’ve been holding off on another playthrough of the PC version because the game is so close to completion, yet the US will have to wait a bit longer for it to be translated. Still, worth the wait!

  14. Nightgazer says

    Woo-Hoo! Here’s hoping it’ll pass this time. Those screens look great!

  15. JasonPaul says

    Bahamut still looks tough, but seems actually fair now. That’s cool.

  16. Lokarin says

    That live stream was amazing. I’d do anything to play this game. Game of the Year potential right there.

  17. Abster says

    Aaand still died at every boss attempt even when well prepared :p.

  18. Scratch that, I think this may have just jumped up to my number one most anticipated WiiWare title.

  19. Gah, I wish I didn’t have to wake up so early tomorrow.
    Hopefully someone records it 😛

    Glad to hear it’s coming along though! I’m really looking forward to it, it’s definitely one of my most anticipated WiiWare games!

  20. Kesley says

    I’m so excited about this game! It is at the top of my list for most anticipated games (LOZ being second). Lucky for me I will get to play this first…I hope.

  21. BigDaddy says

    I was wondering when we’d see an update… I was getting kind of worried, to be honest. However, it seems that you guys have been hard at work ensuring a best possible product for Nintendo to review and for us to get our hands on. I can’t wait!! Launch day purchase from me as well!!

  22. I will try to record this stream, but since it’s so late at night, I make no guarantee it will be on my YouTube channel at all.

  23. tinman says

    Let’s just hope that we’re on th bring of a worldwide release for the game. Any news on a projected price in Nintendo Points?

  24. lordcyber says

    I hope that the final boss is awesome too.I don’t know if will be censored one of his(or her) form that is a little catholic reference (if I describe better,it will be a spoiler)

  25. Man, I can’t wait. Seriously. Palenque was my favorite boss battle in the original and I’m most pleased with the updated look. I’ve had Wii Points stored back just for this game and the more I see the more anxious I get for the release. Keep it up, guys; I’m sure it will be fantastic. (And I hope you decide to make more games after La-Mulana; everything you guys touch turns to pure video gaming gold.)

  26. Travis says

    Big news!i cant wait for the game. Download on launch day for me.

  27. Rossmallo says

    Gah. That’s going to be 4 in the morning for us brits. Oh well :c Any chance of someone recording this?

    Also, holy hell on the new bosses. Viy looks utterly disgusting in all the best ways. I’m assuming youre wanting to keep Tiamat under wraps for now, though. That’s fine.

    And, finally, can we get another Music video soon?

  28. Ooh, those bosses look so good! Especially the fourth – SNES Mode-7 effects! I can’t wait for this game. I’m going to watch that live-stream, definitely.

  29. wow!!! man all the bosses look even more badass! going to be an epic release I just know it!

    Best of luck on the home stretch ^^


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