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Lemeza Kosugi

31 years old

'Sansei' the third generation of Japanese-American.
An archaeologist who teaches at a University in U.S.From a grandfather's generation to an archaeologist and if an ancestor is followed, descendant of Japanese Ninjya warrior. Grown up in the ancestry, still leaning Ninjyutu at present time.
This Ninjyutsu seems so much helpful for his archaeological survey, as he is able to reach the deepest point of uncovered ruins and can live for days with no problem.
Thus, he is famous for his unbelievable ruins research, though is looked coldly by commonsensical academians.
He is chagrined at that his father, also an archaeologist and they jostle each other for the research, take a big bite from the difference of experience.
Never leave the adventurer's exclusive use laptop "Mobile-SuperX".
Although there is no disagreeable thing in particular, a favorite food is curry.

Shorn Kosugi

62 years old

'Nisei' the second generation of Japanese-American. Known as an authority of anthropology and historiography, and is Lemeza's father. He is also bright at biology and astronomy as well.
He took over his father research theme 'Conditions for an ape to serve as people are not only evolution.' and he quests for the the Anthropo-Origin.
He disappeared after making a presentation exciting hypothesis, 'There is civilization used as the origin of whole the civilization. ' some years ago.
He is also trained as well as Professor Lemeza and doesn't seem like the age over 60 with trained body and excessive survival skill.
A decline by age is compensated with the cunning strategy. It is too often that letting his son to research the same ruins and poaching the resultants.

Elder Xelpud

Age unknown

The doyen of "The Clan See and end of Starting Journey" which guards La-Mulana Ruins.
Although protecting The La-Mulana Ruins according to the rule of the whole family who will continue in 5000 years or more, surprisingly broad-minded about except 'protecting La-Mulana Ruins' and incomparable high technology lover.
Enjoying PC life even carrying out to power generation from great water fall of outskirts of a village. Very well known as a bleeding Mr PC on the net.
On the other hand, the clan's goods are abun- dant, though the village is in deeper place of jungle.
He, actually, is an ambitious person who is hoping to strike it rich secretly. Usually, only playing games.


3019 years old

A girl keeps sleeping inside of the ruins.19 years old whom is said, in fact, keep sleeping for over 3000 years.
She is one of the clan of the Four Philosophers who are also keep living inside of the same ruins, and keeps her everlasting life by the way which is different from the Four Philosophers, because of the distinguished intuition she has from her childhood.
If you can release her from the dormancy, her wealth of knowledge about the ruins must be helpful.
However, she has trouble waking up because of the thousand years sleeping.
Using her brain makes herself to be sleepy, and she may be sleeping on your visit.
She is still a teenager and curious about the trend of the present day.

Queen of Fairies

The queen of the fairy clan, existed on our land at one time.
This clan had come into being as the same time as Four Philosophers', and existed on our land at one time. They are rather to be spiritual critter than natural life forms, and the same queen stays still without taking over by the other.
You will be tested before given the help of her. She is charged with other important mission, but it is not revealed if an adventure finally does not approach.


One of the legendary Four Philosophers whom are said in an endless slumber. The philosopher controls Death.
Has the best knowledge among the clan, and knows all the history and the secrets of the ruins. He gathered priests who have knowledge as well as him and fell to an endless slumber as the Four Philosophers.
His real age is over 90 according to legend, and he is said the core pillar who decided the way the clan sets out and future of the ruins.


One of the legendary Four Philosophers whom are said in an endless slumber. The philosopher controls knowledge.
The best about a depth of knowledge among the Four Philosophers, and the man who found out everything about the history and the structure using the answer which Alsedana discovered. He must know the avenue to gain the treasure hidden inside of the ruins.
He is aroud 60 years old according to legend.He researched not only the ruins but also other historic places all over the world, and decided the way the clan sets out with Alsedana.


One of the legendary the Four Philosophers whom are said in an endless slumber. The philosopher controls life.
He is considered as the eccentric person in the clan and he has been doing way-out researching to practice the over technology left in the ruins by his own skills. His ability was found by Giltoriyo, and contributed in order to realize a plan of Four Philosophers by making up the way of seal the ruin, how to keep the life-support for the Four Philosophers and Mulbruk and producing the chemicals which work out the Treasure of Life.
46 years old according to legend.It is said whether this person dealt with the mechanism strange also in ruins and complicated.


One of the legendary Four Philosophers whom are said in an endless slumber. The philosopher controls dynamic.
The youngest of the Four Philosophers, and an excellent person who was found out specially and elected in the high level of intelligence. He doesn't responsible for the decision of the future of the clan.He supposed to be elected as the heir of old Alsedana, for incase of the lost of the ever lasting life support of Four Philosophers.
He is 36 years old according to legend. Though the duty which hands down a secret of ruins is not given, the seal of great power is left on him.


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