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and it shall be given you.

The “Eg-Lana” ruins are said to have been used as a penal colony by the people living in the ruins at the dawn of civilization.
These ruins are home to a massive, sprawling world, larger than you can imagine, where all different types of areas await. Explore the deepest depths of the mysterious ruins and unlock their hidden secrets!

and ye shall find.

Use the hints held by the various stone tablets and messages strewn throughout the ruins to unlock and solve the mysteries and riddles littering the site. Changes in the background, faint sounds heard from afar, murals, statues... all of these are hints to help you solve the ruins’ great mysteries.
Also, remember: if you find blood splattered on the walls or chopped-up skeletons, then there’s a good chance that wicked traps are hiding right before your eyes.

――Wreak havoc,
and the path shall be opened unto you.

A barrage of fearsome enemies are looking to stop you in your quest, and while it goes without saying for bosses, even the “normal” enemies you encounter along the way are going to give you a real run for your money. Look closely at their behaviors and weak points, and take them on with all your might – and most importantly, never give up!
The sense of accomplishment awaiting you is unimaginable!

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LA-MULANA 2 Archaeological ruin exploration action-adventure game

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for Windows / MacOS

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