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~ Legend from Ancient Times ~

Descending unto this place...
She came from the sky...
One unto this world.
Trapped alone, she cries.
Let me return home to heaven.
It is where I belong.
Children, please help me.
Children, send me back home.
Children, for this reason you were born.

folk ballad descending of "The Clan See and end of Starting Journey"
Translation:Shawn Kosugi

My name is Lemeza Kosugi.
Teaching archaeology at a university.
Actually, not a proffessor but an assistant. While lecturing at a university, as long as I’m on vacation, I fly around the world to seek undiscovered ancient ruins.

One day, back from a lecture, I found a somewhat dirty envelope on my desk.

“Eventually, I found it. I’ve won!”

The familiar hand writing on the offcut of the familiar datebook seems like ridiculing me. A poetry titled “Legend of Ancient Times” is written on the back of it.
A gold coin with never seen pattern is in the bottom of the envelope. But I do know well the writing on this.
I suppose my dad finally did it.

Unknown ancient ruins which had become the beginning of whole the civilizations. My dad’s lifelong-work seems became bearing.

This short triumph childish letter is always the sign to go.
He’s telling me to come.He intends to hold the treasure by using me again, that will be over.
My ambition for overreaching him is about to be gone before such a wonderful research object whom i can’t see, even if I lived for 500 years.

I packed my beloved laptop for exclusive use of Archaeology research for a start, usefull brother lash and gun, and also every kind of bad stuff and headed to the airport.
The destination is “La-Mulana“, the legend land said as The beginning of whole the civilizations and Anthropo-origin.

Though all the stuff without the laptop and the lash which I whined as souvenirs were confiscated at the airport… I’ll be back with lots more stuff, then, that’s not much trouble.

Play as Professor Lemeza
and Quest the Ruins

Make full use of weapons and beat the enemies.

You only have one lash for a start
However, you can make a various types of attack by collectiong hidden weapons in the ruins.
There are two kinds of weapons, one is “Main Weapons” such as lashes and knives and another is “Sub Weapons” such as Shurikens, NINJYA Stars, and bombs. The key to clear is that you choose the suitable weapons at the each situation.

Figure out the riddle by read the stone markers

lt is important that you read the stone markers, scattering in the ruins, to figure out the lots of riddles hidden there.
”Handy Scanner” will be needed to read the stone markers.It is sold for a song at a shop in the village.
Get the item before you start the adventure.And installing “Old Document Reader” on “MoboleSuperX” will help you to read the old stone markers.

Use the Mobile Super X,
the Adventurers’ favorite laptop thoughtfully!

You will have advantages by installing softwares on Professor’s favorite laptop, “Mobile Super X”. Moreover, certain pairs of software makes much useful function.
Collect the hidden software in the ruins and try them!

Fierce fight with
the Guardians of the Ruins!

Seemingly, the guardians who protect ruins are sleeping in the La-Mulana Ruins.
If jewelry called the”Ankh jewel ” is held up before their grave called the “Ankh” which sleeps in various places…


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