Detailed Production Added

LA-MULANA is a 2D game. Now, only few 2D games are still being released (in comparison to 3D). They have a dis […]

Executed software

In the same way that the map and music player added a new menu page to the original game, the map will do the […]

The menu is done

The menu we were having difficulty on is almost complete! This is the item menu. This is the menu to select ma […]

The sound started to ring

I’m sure many of you are wondering about it. This is related to the sound that is always moved to the en […]

The issue of rating

The previous article has got lots of comments more than we expected. We just wanted to explain the differences […]

Problem of Faith

Today I’d like to talk about a story separate from the development status of La-Mulana. One of the diffi […]

New trailer

We uploaded  the movie of test play 4  the other day. But there are many poeple who say “not enough&#822 […]

Archaeology Lecture

I’m sorry that the blog update is delayed. I release the latest trailer as an apology. According to our […]

Let’s Make A Room Guardian!

Even though the graphics aren’t entirely complete, the creation of the small enemies is done for now. Ne […]

Normal enemy is done!

It took a while. How many were there? We are only three, though. That means there are several things such as g […]