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Discover the cause of monster outbreaks at the ruins!

Step into the shoes of Lumisa Kosugi as she explores the Eg-Lana ruins – also known as “the other La-Mulana” – upon receiving a request from the Elder Xelpud (in place of her father, who has gone missing) to find the cause of the recent outbreak of monsters plaguing the La-Mulana ruins, which have been transformed into a tourist spot!

Seek out hints to help unlock the secrets of the ruins!

Hints for unlocking the secrets of the ruins are hidden everywhere – in stone tablets, backgrounds, conversations with other characters, and more. By recording and sorting through everything you find, you’ll be able to figure out just what is going on, and how to best proceed. Unlock the various secrets deep within the ruins as you gradually expand your field of exploration.

Get your hands on special items lying in wait within the ruins

Inside the ruins lie all sorts of mysterious items and weapons. These include items which can enhance Lumisa’s abilities, apps which can help make exploration easier, and lots more. Be sure to grab them as you find them!

Master the adventurer’s best friend:
the “Mobile Super X3” tablet PC!

Loading up the adventurer-specialized “Mobile Super X3” tablet PC with various apps will help your adventure go all the more smoothly. Some of the apps can be loaded simultaneously with other apps to unlock even more handy features and tricks! Collect all the various apps scattered throughout the ruins and try them out!

Take down encroaching enemies!

At first, Lumisa starts out with nothing but her trusty adventurer’s whip and her adventurer’s tablet PC. However, by collecting the various weapons hidden throughout the ruins, she will become able to unleash all sorts of new attacks. The wide variety of weapons available include “main weapons” such as whips and knives, as well as “sub-weapons” including shuriken and bombs. There may even be new weapons not previously found inside the La-Mulana ruins...!

Seek out and eliminate the guardians protecting the ruins

Defeat the guardians lying dormant inside the ruins! Within the ruins lie powerful bosses known as “guardians”. To awaken the guardians, you’ll need to produce a jewel known as the Ankh Jewel and a monument known as the Ankh. Defeating these guardians just may be the key to opening up the path to the deepest depths of the ruins.

LA-MULANA 2 Archaeological ruin exploration action-adventure game

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for Windows / MacOS

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