A mysterious software

Players who have already started LA-MULANA might know that game software you can get as items are NIGORO’s Flash games. When you run a couple of certain software, useful effects are brought out. We thought out those effects based on actual Flash games’ contents. For example, “Death Village”, which is a puzzle game and has a time limit, exerts something related to “time” in LA-MULANA. You can guess the combination effects without walk-through information if you play Flash games on NIGORO website. However, one mysterious software is included in, isn’t it? This title was provided for a certain metaverse service, and it is one of the NIGORO games which released […]

The achievements

We gathered all your ideas of achievements, then decided the achievements as we thought “We won’t just follow you.” Personally, I don’t like the system of achievement, because I feel like that developers specify how to play the game. However, we have to implement them, so we thought we should make achievements that La-Mulana can take advantage of itself. About Steam version, it is just altered some system suitable for Steam client. The other versions released from Playism, GOG, etc will be updated, too. And also, La-mulana’s save data files are compatible with any versions. So, you can load your save data with your configurations on Steam version. Forgive me […]

I finished the speech just now.

I have the impression that Journey has got six crown drew the gallery’s eyes. However, I’m satisfied myself that my aim was accomplished. I wonder how much reporters write an article. By the way, I’m going to give out handbills with NIGORO T-shirt because I finished the speech now.

It’s showtime!

Good mornig. Naramura here, I have been in San Francisco from 23, and today my turn finally comes. I am going up the stage at 11:30. The title is “Commun-indies: Making the Most of Your Indie Community“. About the details, please refer to GDC official site or the previous post on this blog. Well, who will write an article of my speech at first? I will look for it when I come back to my hotel. Now, I’m going.

Naramura in GDC 2013

Naramura is going to make a speech at GDC 2013 as we announced on NIGORO’s official blog. The title is “Commun-indies: Making the Most of Your Indie Community”. Scheduled at 11:30AM on 28 March, the venue is Room 132 North Hall. http://schedule2013.gdconf.com/session-id/824292 Although Naramura was invited to make a speech in Taiwan, we have neither fabulous techniques nor effective developing methods. Then, every time we are embarrassing what we should talk. Well, what is our original developing methods which we only have and talk to the world? Above all things, the answer is stimulating communications with users who let us pass Greenlight. For instance, screenshots which we showed you on […]

Steam key

Playism has officially announced that they will provide Steam key to everyone who bought La-Mulana at Playism and DESURA/groupees. But, of course you can buy it again on Steam. However, for the sake of GOG’s system, they can not provide Steam key to people who bought La-Mulana at GOG. Instead of that, we will give 3 OST disks to GOG users at the same price. We are not sure yet when they can pass out Steam key on each distributors, but they are working on it not to be long time after Steam version is released. We will let you know on this official site when it is determined.


Thank you very much for your patience. We have all prepared for releasing Steam version. The release date was confirmed on 15 April! We feel hesitant about visiting GDC without a present, so starting the pre-order from today. You can buy La-Mulana at a discount of 10 percent if you pre-order it. (Honestly, you don’t have to hurry.lol) The price is $14.99, same as other distributors. Buy-Here!! You can use the Steam community since La-Mulana’s page has been made on it. Steam users are already excited among Steam. We’d like to bring them to life earlier than the official site. I think we can give some announcements on it, too. […]

Now Steaming

Our development of La-Mulana for Steam was finished. We are now taking tests related to the achievements. We must make not only the game itself but also some contents for Steam Client, and we will leave PLAYISM to manage them. We hope that fans come alive at Steam community before releasing. Since there is a dedicated page for La-mulana, it would be interesting to release something on it. The achievements become 64. Thank you for posting your ideas of achievements. If you have already purchased La-mulana, you can use your save data. but, how about starting the game at the beginning if you want to get more the achievements? We […]

Steam version is almost completed

It has been two months since La-Mulana passed Steam Greenlight. We developed Steam version’s La-Mulana and we have come to the point where Steam version is almost completed. For the last two months, we added the achievements and some features peculiar to Steam. Putting aside the Steam functions, we might be able to add two more languages other than English when Steam version is on sale. Those are Spanish and Russian! We will officially support Spanish and Russian version through the cooperation of Playism. Surely, we are going to distribute them for the versions of Playism, GOG, and so on. We intend to carry good news in the near future. […]

For LA-MULANA ruin explorers

We already mentioned several times, but we’d like to say this again officially. LA-MULANA ruin is unexplored. Just a few people know it. If someone who is interested in the ruin tries searching it on the internet, most images are archaeologist’s death throes. But, even such images, the more those images exist, the more LA-MULANA ruin’s real image would get through many people. Therefore, you feel free to publish movies and screenshots that you play. You can upload LA-MULANA’s images on your blogs, twitter or whatever. We’d like to see your walk through sites and you can use game images in plenty on your sites if it makes your pages […]