Steam key

Playism has officially announced that they will provide Steam key to everyone who bought La-Mulana at Playism and DESURA/groupees.

But, of course you can buy it again on Steam.

However, for the sake of GOG’s system, they can not provide Steam key to people who bought La-Mulana at GOG.
Instead of that, we will give 3 OST disks to GOG users at the same price.

We are not sure yet when they can pass out Steam key on each distributors, but they are working on it not to be long time after Steam version is

We will let you know on this official site when it is determined.


  1. Valcarde says

    Here’s my conundrum.
    I purchased the game on PLayism as soon as it came out.
    However, I don’t have my login anymore.
    I’m getting a little annoyed that I can’t seem to get my login information from Playism at all, which means I”m screwed when it comes to the Steam key or even updating La-Mulana.

  2. Brandon WHiddon says

    Thank you so much for this I really enjoyed the look and feel of the game when I attempted to stream it I just didn’t know what to do I’m gonna try again when the steam version comes out.

  3. Poiasdope says

    Playism is awesome :3


    Yes, that’s right. Steam version will only have achievements at present.

  5. Frank says

    This may be an ignorant question, but is the Steam version the only one compatible with achievements?

  6. Thank you guys and thank you Playism. Now i can get my key for free and instead buy more gift copies of the game on Steam to my friends who might not buy the game themselves:3

  7. Valkama says

    Sweet! Can’t wait for the steam release.

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