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Our development of La-Mulana for Steam was finished. We are now taking tests related to the achievements. We must make not only the game itself but also some contents for Steam Client, and we will leave PLAYISM to manage them.

We hope that fans come alive at Steam community before releasing. Since there is a dedicated page for La-mulana, it would be interesting to release something on it.

The achievements become 64.
Thank you for posting your ideas of achievements.

If you have already purchased La-mulana, you can use your save data. but, how about starting the game at the beginning if you want to get more the achievements?

We thought what kinds of achievements are fit for La-Mulana, and adopted some ideas of yours.
The achievements include something you can get by beating the game, something you play it long period and something difficult challenges.

Now test players are crying for checking the achievements. Please wait an announcement of the release date for a while.


  1. gonna be awesome! congrats on finally being able to launch on steam!

  2. Poiasdope says

    Can’t wait either! No Sleep ’till Clear marathon incoming! 😀


    You can play WiiWare version on WiiU.

  4. hamdan says

    La-mulana for wii u

  5. Jason says

    Congrats on finishing the steam version, it’s fantastic to see the game I gave my Game of the Year award to last year is now coming to Steam. (I know I’m not some big website or anything, but I truly feel this game didn’t get the attention it deserves from the press, hopefully with this steam release it will.)

  6. PixelVortex says

    This is going to be awesome! Even more reason to play La-Mulana again and again.


    Steam version is not available on Mac,too. We welcome a suggestion about porting La-Mulana to Mac and other platforms.

  8. cylex7 says

    Will this be for Mac?

  9. Armored Chocobo says

    Sweet, can’t wait till it comes.

  10. Secret Admirer says


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