As we mentioned before, the game contents are rarely different between WiiWare and PC version. However, the PC version has a kick-ass feature. MOD culture is not really active in Japan, but we heard the culture is made up in overseas. On the PC version’s LA-MULANA, graphics, BGMs, time attack stages and language sets are put in folders separately, and it is possible to replace them. Namely, you can play LA-MULANA with new graphic set, new BGM set or other language set if there is someone who can analyze and make steady efforts to modify them. Our activity has a limitation because we are just a few members. We want […]

Hell Temple and time attack mode

This is about PC version’s information again. The PC version has Hell Temple and time attack mode that are as additional download contents on WiiWare version. Hell Temple was remade as well as the main part. On top of that, if you read a certain ‘stone tablet’, the difficulty level goes up and become hard mode. Then, Hell Temple also become hard mode on the PC version. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful Hell tour. WiiWare version’s time attack mode is a bonus, but we think the mode isn’t suitable for time attack since it’s too long to fight against all room guarders. We split room guarders into […]

Features of the PC version

So far we didn’t really reveal any information about PC version. But, it’s time to do that. Actually, the game itself is rarely different from WiiWare version. We think we don’t have to keep retouching the game since we completed it for WiiWare version. Especially for overseas people, this is the first remade La-Mulana. So, we’d like to let them feel the same excitement that Japanese users felt. Almost all the modifications of the PC version are about systems that have to be adjusted for PCs. We modified configuration settings and some points that we had to compromise for WiiWare because of the limit of buttons on Wii controller. You […]

The official site renewal

The Japanese official website was already renewed, but The English site wasn’t yet since we had been waiting for the release of WiiWare versions for overseas. Yes, PC version’s release date is getting close. La-Mulana for PC enables you to switch languages. At first, we’re gonna provide English and Japanese language sets. We implement extension for other languages, so it’s possible to add other language sets if we get them. Actually, this renewed website has some concealed contents. We’re gonna reveal them step by step. We hope you’ll like it. In the vanguard of those contents, we released the La-Mulana original sound track. You can buy it on bandcamp at […]

OST and liner notes

It will be partial that we sell OST before LA-MULANA is released overseas! Since that, we have been postponed making the soundtrack. We will restart to prepare the distribution because a release of PC version is in sight. I have liked game developers who burn with enthusiasm for making the game since I was a child. And I have always loved reading their huge documents about the games. So I am making a huge document about LA-MULANA for a enthusiastic fan. I am preparing the liner notes that explains how I arranged each of tunes for the soundtrack. However what I can prepare is only Japanese version. I want to […]

A gold rush

After the matter happened, a lot of websites reported it. I have been interviewed by part of them. Indie Games Nintendo Life The market of WiiWare may not be active. But it doesn’t concern people who was waiting LA-MULANA. We decided that we will release remaked LA-MULANA for PC. However, we also hope WiiWare version is releasd overseas. Our intention may have gotten across. Some publishers have offered just after the interview was posted on the websites. We have not been interviewed by Japsnese websites. Needless to say, we have not been offered from Japanese companies! This is the present situation of the Japanese game world. In Japan, […]

I promise

Thank you for a lot of comments. Although everyone is worried, I’m fine. If anything, I work in a great hustle. I answer some questions that I pick out from your comments in return for many words of cheer. 1) What is the difference between Wii version and PC version? We have fixed the game slightly. However, the contents of the game is almost the same as Wii version. We have adjusted the system to PC environment fairly. We have refined the interface, for example, you can use USB gamepad and Xbox360’s one. The game includes Hell Tample. Challenge mode(Time Attack mode) is significantly different from Wii version. 2) What’s […]

Report 2

Hello everyone! We are sorry for no update for 4 months. A lot of things happened in the last 4 months, but we still don’t have anything to release officially. However, we wrote this article because we want to tell you as much as we can say at the moment. WiiWare version: The master data for NOA and NOE was handed to our publisher, Nicalis. After that, we haven’t received any reports. So, we have no idea when the release date is determined. PC version: We have almost finished developing it. Debuggers are in the middle of testing. In the meantime, we are discussing where and how to sell it. […]


Hello! First, I want to I apologize for the lack of updates recently. we have had our heads-down working on La-Mulana, but we’ve been trying to find the exact words to say to our fans. As you may already know, we’ve been working continuously and non-stop on releasing La-Mulana US/EU versions since this summer. But the things haven’t work out as we had planned almost six months ago. We’ve submitted lotcheck three times before we finished the development of the game and, just like for you the fans, it’s a bit frustrating for all of us working on the game that it’s not in your hands this very moment. There […]

Graphic materials

Almost all LA-MULANA’s graphics are originally made by high resolution, and then we scaled down the images. On the other hand, the player and enemies have to be seen clearly on screen. So, we draw them as dotted images which are sharper. We have made the player’s dotted image by separating body and arms in order to increase patterns and cut back data. Some enemies also have a lot of patterns. Remade graphics are attracted attention though, LA-MULANA has been made without forgetting 2D game’s taste.