First, I want to I apologize for the lack of updates recently.
we have had our heads-down working on La-Mulana, but we’ve been trying to find the exact words to say to our fans.

As you may already know, we’ve been working continuously and non-stop on releasing La-Mulana US/EU versions since this summer.
But the things haven’t work out as we had planned almost six months ago.

We’ve submitted lotcheck three times before we finished the development of the game and, just like for you the fans, it’s a bit frustrating for all of us working on the game that it’s not in your hands this very moment.

There are several reasons why it has taken longer than we initially expected and I really would like to tell you all about it. However, we’re in the business of making great games and want to continue doing so for as long as we can.

We can say that sometimes making games and the elements surrounding them can be a massive pain in the ass because it’s not all just game development.

Anyway, you can probably imagine how we feel

So, La-Mulana is complete. Depending on how quickly things move within the new year then we can look forward to releasing La-Mulana then.

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive of NIGORO and Nicalis as we wrap up La-Mulana and we apologize that we couldn’t release La-Mulana within 2011.

But no matter what, La-Mulana will be released on WiiWare. We don’t want any speculation suggesting otherwise.

With that said, we have some very big news, positive for a large number of fans.

We’ve decided to release La-Mulana outside of just consoles, too.

There has been enough feedback and e-mails from fans suggesting we do so. We’ve started on the new version and I’m thankful to everyone of you.

Because of that we want to show the first two screen shots.

We will update more details on the blog as soon as confirmed, thanks to all of you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  1. Still waiting patiently for the Wiiware and PC releases.

    Hopefully, we can get the PC version on Steam.

  2. Bareck says

    being a jerk isnt going to get the game out any faster fellas, let them take their time. when you rush something it dousnt come out right so be PATIENT

  3. Agree with Kapow, Nicalis is terrible and are really not helping you guys. You should really work with someone else, there’s quite a lot of groups out there.

  4. L.J.Silver says

    Please update? I am worried it might have been cancelled. Reports are coming in that we might see a release soon. Are these reports true? Tell us! Everybody is waiting.

    To nintendo or nicalis: Here we are in 2012, years after the announcement, and the wii is in it’s delcining year. I may not be able to afford a wiiu. Sorry if i can’t keep up my support.

    Good job completing the game, and thank you for porting it to pc. Asterizm is the best! May we all enjoy it soon! Expecting updates, remember!

  5. Herpa dee derp! How’s it goin’ guys? Is it done yet?

  6. Sergio says

    April 10 2012… Still no update… Please say something.
    The pc release is nearby? The project was cancelled?
    Please, a little news, for the fans…

  7. Pidgeo5 says

    *sigh* Where did everyone go?
    Last update was three months ago. This is the longest the site has been without an update. I don’t know why I keep coming back here…

    Is there just NO news to report? Is the game still coming out? Are you guys that swamped with work (that’s probably a silly question)?

    All we want is a quick “Hey fans! We’re alive! Things are moving along, but we can’t share any information yet. Thanks for being so patient!” You can even cut and paste that and use it for your post. 🙂

    Just eagerly waiting for ANY news. 🙂

  8. It seems that even Nintendo doesn’t know what’s going on, they have it on their site that La Mulana is set to be released in the first quarter, but even that isn’t updated.

  9. Korcas says

    So… the US Wii release is dead, I take it?

  10. Seriously guys, it’s April now and STILL NO UPDATES????

  11. I’m starting to forget why I check this blog every day.

  12. Graff says

    So, is this game ever coming out for anything aside from the JPN version? Seriously I feel like we’ve been waiting for years.


  1. […] La-Mulana began development two years ago, and NIGORO even claimed in December that the game was already completed. On April 26, NIGORO said that it had already given the master data for the game to Nicalis. […]

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