As we mentioned before, the game contents are rarely different between WiiWare and PC version.
However, the PC version has a kick-ass feature.

MOD culture is not really active in Japan, but we heard the culture is made up in overseas.
On the PC version’s LA-MULANA, graphics, BGMs, time attack stages and
language sets are put in folders separately, and it is possible to
replace them.
Namely, you can play LA-MULANA with new graphic set, new BGM set or other language set if there is someone who can analyze and make steady efforts to modify them.

Our activity has a limitation because we are just a few members.
We want many countries’ people to play LA-MULANA, but it’s difficult to translate into many languages.
So, we don’t mind if someone make other language set voluntary and publish it freely.
We would help them if we could.
There is a huge amount of LA-MULANA’s map chips, so nobody would modify them.
But, somebody would prepare the original version’s BGM set or graphic set.

Finally, it is a noteless function though, each menu pops up by pressing function keys on your keyboard.

LA-MULANA is coming back to a PC game.
We revived the operating method of the original version.


  1. PixelVortex says

    This sounds cool, also are you ever going to release the source code for the original La-Mulana so people could mod that version too?

  2. Lasthome says

    Wich program coud I use to modify the .dat files that contain text script. I would like to translate the game into spanish.

  3. When you say map chips, do you actually mean that we can create our own environments?

  4. Frank says

    Would it be too difficult to include an option for these graphics?

  5. ForOhFor Error says

    Cool! Are the soundtrack files still in midi, like the original release on PC?

  6. GameTrekker says

    Wow, you guys know how to treat your customers! This is epic.

  7. Nightgazer13 says

    Thanks Naramura and James. Even without being able to alter the binary, that still leaves tons of stuff to play around with.

  8. I think a lot of you are misunderstanding. The “map chips” are referring to the tilesets that make up the graphics, like those you can plainly access in the original game. I don’t think there’s any intention to allow the binary data to be modified.

  9. Man, I thought this was about .MOD music files.

  10. naramura says

    I answer question about map chips.
    It is easy to change them for people can use graphic application.One field has 400 and over chips. You set only 25 layers.

  11. Nightgazer says

    Sweet! I’ll bet we’ll see people playing this with the original music and graphics set within a year, just because they can. I know I’ll be looking at some of the graphics and text to see what I’d like to alter. Hopefully you get a lot of translators, too!
    I’m a little confused by what you were saying with the map files, though. Did you mean that they were impossible to change, or just very difficult? If it’s the latter, then I think you’d be surprised what a modder can do with enough dedication!

  12. Krendall says

    I know there was a game-builder program for the old version. You should make one for the new one, but have it available in English. Either way, this sounds awesome. If ever there was a game where “nightmare” hacks would become popular, it’s this one.

  13. “There is a huge amount of LA-MULANA’s map chips, so nobody would modify them.”
    Assuming that “map chips” means the levels themselves, pretty much EVERYONE will want to modify them.

  14. This is awesome to see! I can’t wait to see what kinds of mods people will make.

  15. MeingroessterFan says

    Yay, La Mulana modding 😀 I’m looking so much forward to the PC version! And I would volunteer to make a german translation, but I could only do it based on the english translation, since I don’t speak japanese.

  16. Linkshot says

    You have definitely above and beyond made up for the WiiWare issues 🙂

  17. Hey, that is really cool! Thank you for adding that feature, and it really seems ironic that after all this time La-Mulana ends up returning exclusively to its original home on PC.

    Thank you again for all of your dedicated work on this game. Your spirit and passion is what keeps my faith in the game industry alive. Indie developers forever!

  18. Shedgehog says

    That’s a great idea, it ads a lot of variety to the game if you can change the music and the graphics. Don’t worry though I think a lot of people would try to mod this game. Thanks for giving us so much updates on the game the past few weeks.

  19. Chris Kuhn says

    Oh my goodness, you’re allowing mods? That’s some of the best news about the PC version yet! Thank you so much for adding in this awesome feature!

    I can’t wait to see what some people come up with! Thanks again for working so hard to improve the PC version over the Wiiware version.

  20. Anonymous52555 says

    Sweet modding support, it will be interesting to see what people will come up with.

  21. MYKSelf says

    This is a great feature! The modding community can make “awesomer” an already awesome game like yours.

    Take a look to the Maze of Galious remake, from Brain Games, to see great modding in action.

    This make me more anxious to get your game!!! Please, a release date, please! 🙂

  22. Abster says

    Very nice! I’ll be definitely looking forward to the modding support in this thing.

  23. wow that’s really cool! should be fun to play around with.

  24. Strider says

    This is a fantastic news!!!
    Your choice is great, and will be a winning card for this remake.
    The possibility to mod the game is the best new feature you can add to the pc port.
    The hype for this game is so high…
    It’s the first title in my whishing list.
    My money are ready.

  25. simply awesome.

  26. I am xxxxing amazed you guys! That’s an awesome idea, thanks.

    I am madly waiting to buy La Mulana on PC.


  1. […] it sounds like the game won’t be completely customizable according to this official blog post, you should be able to alter all the sound, music, graphics, translation and time-attack stage […]

  2. […] it sounds like the game won’t be completely customizable according to this official blog post, you should be able to alter all the sound, music, graphics, translation and time-attack stage […]