A mysterious software

Players who have already started LA-MULANA might know that game software you can get as items are NIGORO&#8217 […]

The achievements

We gathered all your ideas of achievements, then decided the achievements as we thought “We won’t […]

I finished the speech just now.

I have the impression that Journey has got six crown drew the gallery’s eyes. However, I’m satisfi […]

It’s showtime!

Good mornig. Naramura here, I have been in San Francisco from 23, and today my turn finally comes. I am going […]

Naramura in GDC 2013

Naramura is going to make a speech at GDC 2013 as we announced on NIGORO’s official blog. The title is & […]

Steam key

Playism has officially announced that they will provide Steam key to everyone who bought La-Mulana at Playism […]


Thank you very much for your patience. We have all prepared for releasing Steam version. The release date was […]

Now Steaming

Our development of La-Mulana for Steam was finished. We are now taking tests related to the achievements. We m […]

Steam version is almost completed

It has been two months since La-Mulana passed Steam Greenlight. We developed Steam version’s La-Mulana a […]

For LA-MULANA ruin explorers

We already mentioned several times, but we’d like to say this again officially. LA-MULANA ruin is unexpl […]