Play as Professor Lemeza and Quest the Ruins

Master how to operate to handle the Professor in the game!
For PC ver.Keyboard/USB Controller/XBox Controller,and for WiiWare ver.Wii Remote Controller/Classic Controller/Wii Remote Controller with Nunchak/Game Cube Controller can be used.
Choose your favorite controller to operate Professor Lemeza, and Target the deepest point of the ruins!
For the details of the usage of each controllers, please check this page.

Make full use of weapons and beat the enemies.

You only have one lash for a start.
However, you can make a various types of attack by collectiong hidden weapons in the ruins.
There are two kinds of weapons, one is “Main Weapons” such as lashes and knives and another is “Sub Weapons” such as Shurikens, NINJYA Stars, and bombs. The key to clear is that you choose the suitable weapons at the each situation.

Use the Mobile Super X, the Adventurers’ favorite laptop thoughtfully!

You will have advantages by installing softwares on Professor’s favorite laptop, “Mobile Super X”. Moreover, certain pairs of software makes much useful function.
Collect the hidden software in the ruins and try them!

Figure out the riddle by read the stone markers

lt is important that you read the stone markers, scattering in the ruins, to figure out the lots of riddles hidden there.”Handy Scanner” will be needed to read the stone markers.It is sold for a song at a shop in the village.Get the item before you start the adventure.And installing “Old Document Reader” on “MoboleSuperX” will help you to read the old stone markers.

Fierce fight with the Guardians of the Ruins!

Seemingly, the guardians who protect ruins are sleeping in the La-Mulana Ruins.if jewelry called the”Ankh jewel ” is held up before their grave called the “Ankh” which sleeps in various places…

What will be waiting ahead…?

The thing which defeated the battle with guardians and explained all the mysteries?