The history of LA-MULANA

We have just released a new promotional video.

The PV might not be suitable for being famous.
But, we judged it is better to show overseas people this for the first time.

13th July 2012, goes on sale on Playism.
This is a promising game.


  1. Armored Chocobo says

    I got no problem with Playism, but mostly people want La mulana on steam because they KNOW its secure.

    Then again I don’t remember Steam doing localization, either.

  2. Zaratus says

    I’m not too concerned about Steam for *myself*, but for Nigoro’s sake, I’d like to see the game on Steam. In today’s market, many people will just not buy games unless they’re on Steam. It doesn’t exist to them otherwise. Even games that do successful on other markets, like XBLA/XBLIG often sell even better on Steam. I want to see La Mulana and Nigoro do well, so yes, I’d like to see it on Steam for that reason.

  3. darius says

    I will support you la-mulana and i’ll buy the game when its released on playism!

    However, you should really try to work to try and get the game on Steam. It will allow your great game to really get out there and have many more people play it. And I bet you will make alot more money too, which is all win-win. Heck, I’ll even buy it twice.

    Go for the gold

  4. ForOhFor Error says

    Nice to see this game finally release. The site it’s launching on is interesting, as well.

    I still intend to play it with a gamecube controller, though 😀

  5. At LAST !!!
    I have marked the date on my calendar. I’m ready.
    Bring it !

  6. Fantastic! Can’t wait to get this. So buying this day 1.

    And again if you ever put it on Steam.

  7. This was a really awesome video. It’s nice to see a little retrospective on the history of this amazing game. The little dancing characters at the bottom were also way too adorable:)

    I am really glad to hear you’re not giving up on releasing a WiiWare version here too. Nicalis was, in all honesty, not the best one to try to have publish this game. They’re not really establishing a reputation as a good or even decent company. I’m hoping one of the other publishers you’ve mentioned in your previous posts will be able to pick up this game and give it the long awaited WiiWare release it deserves. I’ll gladly play this new PC version until then though:)

  8. madamluna says

    Seriously, guys, don’t get hung up over the game not being on Steam. Playism is trying to do a really good thing here, setting up a network and service for Japanese indie game developers to publish their work abroad. Don’t disparage that.

    Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to be in contact with Playism and I’ve been able to play the English beta of the game. I’ve written up a review about it, if you’re interested: (focused mostly on the changes from the original to new version, for returning players)

  9. Nightgazer says

    Playism? Huh, never heard of that one. I’ll have to check it out later. Until then…
    ONE MORE WEEK! Friday the 13th is definitely going to be a lucky day this time around!
    Also, nice video. The dancing at the end was hilarious!

  10. UltraJMan says

    Why u no Steam version?

    Don’t make me troll you again, Nigoro. I’m serious, dont deep-six us.

  11. I kept checking this site once every while for the past 2 years, I can’t believe it’s finally here! Thanks so much for releasing this outside of Japan, take all my money!!

  12. TamerKoh says

    I’d like to take the time to say I really appreciate all of the hardwork you guys have put into this. I’ve been following the blog ever since I heard the WiiWare version was announced. I hardly touch my Wii, so this was going to be the game to get me back on it, but even if that doesn’t come to pass, I love the fact that I can download it to my laptop soon! It makes the game just as portable as it was before, so I’m able to play it on the go! Thanks for breathing new life into the gem that we’ve all come to know and love! Maybe after some time, other companies will notice it, just like with Cave Story, and you’ll be offered ports and remakes to other systems, like Cave Story 3DS. I wish you guys luck with your future endeavors, and again, thanks for looking out for your overseas audience!


  13. gamemjoe says

    Holy crap, NEXT FRIDAY!?


    You guys are wonderful.

    And only four days after my 21st birthday, too.

    I can’t wait!

  14. Cardia says

    No steam ? 🙁

    But I wil buy it anyway !

  15. Terren says

    7 days!

  16. I’m almost as excited as I were 25 years ago while waiting for Penguin Adventure to be released on my MSX

  17. Is it only on Windows-PC playable? What about Macintosh OSx?

  18. BiggerJ says

    This is going to be the second most creepy game on English-language Playism. Two words: YUME NIKKI.

  19. Abster says

    There we go. Anticipation builds!

  20. Hateworkboy says

    I’m SO HAPPY to see this gem finally getting the glory it deserves. You’ve made a wonderful game, and I can’t wait to play through this updated version. I wish you all the best in the future!

  21. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    2012/07/13! really!!

  22. Superb news!

    It’s a shame you couldn’t get the game on Steam, but perhaps that will come in the future?

  23. raulcosta says

    2011/07/13? really?

  24. one more week! Can hardly wait to play this, as I have this little blue netbook and since its win7 I’m having trouble runnign the original… but if it can run the new updated version, I will totally check it out!

    Congrats on reaching the end of this long three year journey. ^___^

  25. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    English site will open soon.
    Check it out.

  26. Armored Chocobo says

    By the way, your video says Playism, which is a purely Japanese site. Are you releasing through a different site for English-speakers or are we going to have to find our own way through just to be able to buy it?

  27. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Thank you for pointing out our mistake. Nobody notice. We are correcting it now.

  28. Abster says

    Playism eh? The trailer has a little error, you had its release year for 2011 instead of 2012. But still, just one week now?! We’re hitting the home stretch people. Just a little more!

  29. Armored Chocobo says

    Famous or not, you show your love for the people.

    That’s why you have my respect and support.

  30. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    We don’t give up releasing WiiWare ver. We will post about this matter before long.

  31. Travis says

    No Wiiware? -.-

  32. Anonymous52555 says

    Oh man I’m pumped

  33. Strider says

    The video is awesome, great, great work!!!
    Contoudown mode on: – 7

  34. play whaaaa????? where’s mah STEAM!!!!


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