Steam version released

Finally, this day has come. La-Mulana was released on Steam.

PLAYISM version was updated because minor bugs were fixed.
Steam key will be send to people who bought La-Mulana on PLAYISM, DESURA, Groupess, and so on when it is ready.
For details, please check the blog on PLAYISM.

This project ought to have finished at the time of releasing WiiWare version. However it was continued until today. We have exhausted our ideas.

You can download the icons for Steam community, Twitter, and so on at download page.

If the interesting others exist, we will release those while this game is being livened up. Let’s enjoy La-Mulana till we burn ourselves out.



    We have no plan to port La-Mulana to Mac at this point in time.

  2. cylex7 says

    Will this be on Macintosh Mac Apple computers? Thank you!

  3. I did wonder about an Android phone/Ouya port of the game, but I can understand that it might be difficult to do… Nevertheless congratulations on the Steam launch of the game!


    We are very grateful to you.
    We have no resource to port. Therefore, we welcome a suggestion about porting La-Mulana to various platforms.

  5. Congratulations on finally getting the game on Steam!
    Have you considered porting La-Mulana to the Nintendo 3DS? That would be awesome!


    Yes. Thank you for your understanding.

  7. JohnnySnow says

    Do you still intend to let GOG release the soundtracks as an alternative to them giving away Steam keys?


    I can’t say. I’ll announce it on the official blog when we get the details. Playism will also announce it if they get the details.
    You should sometimes read a blog of Playism.

  9. When will the Groupees people get their steam keys?

  10. Afdal says

    Wow, and still no keyboard movement customization? Really now, how hard can such a basic feature be to implement? I’m starting to question Nigoro’s respect for fan feedback which they seem to pride themselves on so much.

  11. Excellent! Been waiting for this one for awhile, any chance I can contact you about covering this on our show, Steam Shots as well as on the games forum? You don’t have any contact information on your site!

  12. Yay for Japanese indie scene!
    I hope you will be able to just reap the fruits of all the hard work done and relax. While we cry of desperation in Hell Temple)

  13. Jack Z says

    Congrats on the release! Hope it sells well; this is a tremendous game.