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Here are some screenshots which have been published so far.
When we get ready with newly-discovered images, we’ll publish them like this.
Click an image you want to see; an enlarged version will be shown.
If you point the upper-right or the upper-left using your mouse, PREV or NEXT button will appear. You can see the next enlarged image.
This is the basic operation for viewing images.

Thanks fellow archeological fans!



  1. DaManFail says
  2. AndyNPC says

    It would be a shame to see the ROMs removed as they were a big part of the gameplay. Hopefully they will be renamed to Nintendo games or some fictional wordplay like Namo suggested there. I was wondering if an on-screen keyboard might be utilized in this version as several puzzles through out La-Mulana required words to be typed. Other then that it’s nice to see these independent titles getting the recognition they deserved.

  3. Ah, this game is very very cool. I can’t wait for the release! I could feel all the soul that the team put into making this game when I played the PC version, and now I’m hoping that I can feel it moreso in this version!

    Its a shame all the MSX references and Konami references have to be removed. I don’t think Konami would decline lending some licenses to you guys, but Microsoft on the other hand would definately say no, because its being released on a Nintendo console.

    I’m certain you guys can make some sort of word play, right? Like “Comic Bakery” can become “Comic Pastry”, and “Castlevania” and become “Vampire Castle.”

    Also, Naramura-san, I’m very impressed and grateful that you answer the questions! Keep up the good work!

  4. Naramura says

    Most of the image from which we are shown by you is a thing while developing.
    The menu panel and the image of the enemy etc. will show it as soon as it is possible to do.

    I think that I answer the doubt that you ask here one by one.

  5. These screenshots are looking really good! Keep up the good work, guys! 😀

  6. duplex’s room did mention that there were enemies that were cut from the final version of the game. Maybe we’ll finally see those.

  7. Phoenix-Wolf says

    This certainly looks to be a wonderful release, I simply hope the game keeps all it’s original difficulty, Part of the game’s charm is those hard parts that drive you nuts when you mess them up or die, it feels so satisfying when you finally pass them.

  8. Abster says

    I am a bit curious as to what will happen with the numerous MSX and Konami references in this version. The original scanner was of course an official piece of equipment for the MSX, and in the Nintendo Power article I read, the MSX references will be all taken out to make it more accessible to western gamers. With the tablets still present, there’s definitely going to be some kind of scanner to read them with. Is the scanner tool going to have its appearance changed? Also, collecting the various MSX roms were part of the fun of the original. Would it be possible to still be able to collect such items in this version? Not only did certain ROM combinations lead to easter eggs, but also to bonuses or enhancements during gameplay.

  9. Naramura says

    It is too good only to wait.
    Let’s enjoy it together until the release date!

    The enemy’s arrangement has not been decided yet.
    We began just to make the enemy’s program now.
    There is a possibility of changing according to new LA-MULANA though it will do as well as the PC version because the enemy’s arrangement doesn’t have time.

  10. so in one of the screenshots where the first grailpoint tin the game is, it appears that you changed one of the enimies from a skeleton to a lion, is this to make the game easier or is there another purpose for changing the monster. Also while thinking on this will other monsters be removed from certain screens to make it easier?

  11. Matic says

    Can’t wait for this! La-mulana is the best <3!

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