Please update your drivers

We received some crash reports at particular points.
We have already announced on Steam community though, those problems are generally caused by sound driver or graphic driver that is not up-to-date.
Drivers might be automatically updated by Windows Update, but be sure to get the latest drivers on manufacturer’s website.

[Graphic driver]




[Sound driver]



Also if you use a laptop, your PC brand may provide some dedicated drivers.
Please check it out, too.

When you have a crash at other points, could you please send a report to Playism support team with the following information?

1. The kind of OS (and the version of Service Pack if it is applied)

2. The result of DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Windows XP or earlier
VISTA or later

Please refer to the page above and run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. You can save the report to click “Save all data”.

3. Please attach your save data if it is possible.

Playism support team contact[at]

Thank you.



    Hi devilzzz2007,

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Could you please double-check dedicated drivers if you use a Laptop?
    Or report to Playism support team with your result of DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
    Playism support team : contact[at]

  2. devilzzz2007 says

    I somehow had this game working before on Steam but now no matter what I try I can’t get it to run. I am running Windows 7 64 bit version and the hardware I have is an i5 2500k paired with a 2 GB GTX 670 and 8 GB of ram. I have tried to run this game in all sorts of modes and resolutions and nothing has worked. I am extremely frustrated. Somehow I managed to get it working some time ago and now I can’t get it to do anything. Please help.

  3. Sultan says

    Hi, your game looks awesome but I have a question, it says in the manual that the game supports X360 controller, because I don’t like the D-pad of the X360 controller I have a normal controller(not X360), can I play with it?


    Thank you for loving La-Mulana. About the porting, we have no resource… It’s very difficult. But, if a company take on the porting work, we will consider that. To tell the truth, I don’t know about things in the future.
    Anyway, please enjoy La-Mulana now. Good luck.
    And, check our new project out. Thank you.

  5. SeriousTed says

    I own this game on Steam and I love it. Thank you very much for bringing this masterpiece to me. It’s instantly become one of my favorite games and makes me recall so many of the classics I enjoyed when I was younger. I also own a Playstation Vita and it’s my favorite way to play games. Please consider porting La Mulana to Vita someday.

    Thank you for your continued support on Steam, as well.


    Thank you for enjoying La-Mulana thoroughly. We’ll put all our strength into it.

  7. I am trying to get a let’s play going now. I believe that I will have to try very hard to find a better game. Good luck with your next project.