LA-MULANA official site is full-scale running!

topimageAfter announcing the forthcoming release of LA-MULANA for WiiWare Edition in North America, nothing changed on this, the official site. But now it’s been refreshed!

So far the site has few new pages. And we will upload images one-by-one.
Don’t think of this site as simple a general site for information to be released little-by-little. Think of it as a way to exchange ideas between the developers and fans. This official site is here with a purpose.

Producing something on a console like Wii is new for us; we’ve never tried it. Although the plans and specifications are almost complete, we don’t know all the details yet. You will surely find information on this site.

To be honest, we want to complete the process learning the entire way. As we plan, though, we can continue developing LA-MULANA because it’s a remake.

By the way, I was satisfied with inclusion of the WiiWare logo on the illustration of pre-official site. There are many reasons, when I think back on LA-MULANA is so appropriate for it.

Needless to say, we have sealed off LA-MULANA from starting NIGORO. Its the driving force that was responsible for establishing NIGORO, but its not because of the NIGORO product. Whats happening with remake and release
this sealed game, its because of the support of many people.

Funshi Kakutei, he made a walkthrough site when the trial version was released and captured it thoroughly. His site is still said the best walkthrough site.

Masakado, you came forward to translate PC edition into English. This game spread to foreign countries, thanks to you.

Lamulana191,you published the super technique movie on Youtube. As a result, the movie traveled to foreign countries outside of Japan.

DeceasedCrab, you also uploaded walkthrough movies run to 89 on Youtube.
These movies spread the fear of Hell’s Sanctuary.

In addition, jman2050 and Madamluna who draws many illustrations of LA-MULANA published walkthrough movies on Youtube, too.

As to carver98, he plays guitar. We had never dreamed that someone would play our music.

White Knell, you made great Wiki database which is the best overseas walkthrough site.

In Japan, ryon3, you showed funny walkthrough movies on NICO NICO DOUGA. We watch it even now.

we were surprised by Boumankan. You were able to do the shortest completion time day by day.

TimW from INDIEGAMES, you’re quick to pay attention to LA-MULANA and NIGORO games. Also still pump up them.

La-Momolana, you are writing a walkthrough challenging blog with animations.
We were so impressed by finding the blog after long time.

And then, NIGORER in NIGORO generalization thread of omoshiroi freesoftware hinanjyo continue to support From LA-MULANA to NIGORO In Japan.

We can’t specific all of names, but we know so many people have supported LA-MULANA and us.

This game can jump on the new stage because of you.

Thank you.


  1. I am not sure if you guys answered this question before. but are there any plans for a Mac release?
    how can I play this game on my Mac?

  2. Armored Chocobo says

    I can answer a couple of those questions at least from what I heard, DeceasedCrab:

    2) MSX roms became .exe files, and apparently what I see on some videos you can have way more than 2 running at once (probably you have limited memory, and important/useful .exes are bigger).

    3) I do know of one change, and for spoilers sake I’m not telling you. I CAN say it replaces the Maze of Galious region and looks quite familiar to you.

    5) Stands to reason that they will remove them, considering the MSX laptop name is changed to use the acronym but not be associated with the console.

  3. MrUnimport says

    I have a question about the “language” used in La-Mulana. The one on the tablets in the ruins, that you have to use the Glyph Reader to read. Examining font.bmp in the game files showed that there were “glyph” versions of both English letters and Japanese characters. I don’t know any Japanese, but I noticed that the English glyphs could be easily read.

    In the English translation of the game, from Aeon Genesis, the Japanese glyphs are copied over the English glyphs, making it impossible to read them.

    My question is this: in the original Japanese, is it supposed to be possible to read the tablets in the game without a Glyph Reader?

  4. Rixanu says

    I remember the first time I heard of La-Mulana. I read about it in Nifflas’ Support Forum. I downloaded it, started playing it, and almost tossed it aside because I had no idea what I was doing. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I stuck with it. La-Mulana remains one of my favorite games of all time, and I’m so happy that it’s being remade for Wiiware, even though I don’t own a Wii (hoping for DSiware release). =) The removal of the MSX references saddens me, but I can probably deal with it. However, I’m also curious about DeceasedCrab’s queries, and I’m looking forward to the answers. Thank you.

  5. BackInAction says


    I just want to say that I’m a huge La-Mulana fan – it probably ranks up there among my favorite games of all time. In addition to being an incredibly well-crafted non-linear gaming experience, it truly was a labor of love for you guys, and this incredible attention to detail shines through in every aspect of the game. I’m very happy about the port to WiiWare, and I can’t wait to see La-Mulana reach a larger audience.

    However, I’m a bit concerned with the localization on the official English website.

    For instance, the latest questionnaire about music reads:
    “What is your favorite music? Multiple answers are okay. But, the only music used in fields, it doesn’t matter which song or field. Give us some feedback like, “Elder’s theme is the best!”

    If fans are being asked for their favorite field BGM, why are they mentioning Elder’s theme (“Xelpud”)?

    Likewise, the lecture by Lemeza is also confusing:
    “I’ll let you experience an unknown world and to give you knowledge for entertainment.”

    There are other examples where the English is confusing, but I’ll cut to the chase… I know how important the fan community is… how would you feel about a fan serving as a proofreader? While I have no inclination to work on the game itself, I’d be more than happy to assist with the localization of the website into English at no charge. I’ve worked on a number of game translation projects, and am currently employed in the casual game space where I work on customer support training/curriculum, quality assurance, and user experience design. I’ve also published with WordPress.

    If there is any way that I can contribute to the success of La-Mulana for Wii, please let me know!


    It is scheduled to write in the blog in a few days about this question.
    Please wait for a while.


  7. Deceased Crab says

    There are still so many questions we have. Here are a few to consider answering.

    1. How are you changing the difficulty of La-Mulana?
    2. What will the MSX Roms and peripherals be replaced with? NES Carts? Generically titled games? Archaeological relics?
    3. There are at least three sections/minigames in the game that directly parody or mimic other games. Will all or any of those sections or minigames be removed or changed?
    4. Will there be the standard switches for old/new graphics or old/new sound? Will both the original SSCC or SC88 music modes be supported?
    5. Will the MSX and Kobami logos be removed?


    Thank you for advice.
    The design was corrected.


  9. Pidge says

    (>V<) I'm so happy!!!! *SQUEAL*

    When I first heard the news in Nintendo Power that La-MuLana was being remade and released on WiiWare, I couldn't tell you how happy and excited that made me! La-MuLana is one of the best games that I have played…EVER!
    You have put so much hard work into this game, and it shows! I loved all the different music (plus individual boss music), game style (even though I never owned an MSX), and I loved your homage's to old Konami games (Mukimuki SD: Memorial was a riot)! The game was a refreshingly difficult, but not unfairly so. I have yet to reach the "mythical" Hell's Sanctuary, and I hope I will have an opportunity to do so in the WiiWare release.

    I remember when I first heard of the game in January of 2007. I was playing Gothic 3 (unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the first two), when I decided I needed a short break. I tried out La-MuLana and couldn't put it down! I was still playing the game two months later!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this fantastic game to North America! I hope that you are able to include as much of the content from the PC version as you can to the WiiWare one!

  10. I read how you guys played short, but entertaining games on the Famicom, and wanted more. I know how you feel! Thats why I love the “New-retro” movement as we Americans call it. When Megaman 9 (rockman) was announced, I nearly cried tears of joy! Even though I’m just a lad of 15, I seriously love the NES and MSX consoles, in fact, I almost only play those! The art and music of the era and that atmosphere you get while playing is second to none, and thats why I love La-Mulana. Its beautfiul pixel graphics and epic soundtrack are superb. The first time I saw one of those giant statues and compared it to Lemeza’s size, it made my heart skip a beat.

    All in all, I love this game so much, and I’m glad its going commercial!

  11. Voretus says

    Thank you for making La-Mulana for WiiWare! I love the game. Please do not make the game any easier at all for players on the Wii. Thank you again.

  12. Naramura says

    We think that we will take an active part for a while with WiiWare.
    We are interested also in PSP, XBox, and DS.
    We do not think about the sale of the PC version. There might be a transplant to another model like MegaMan9 if sales of LA-MULANA are good.
    First of all, it is a story after it puts it on the market with Wii.

  13. pkt-zer0 says

    Any chance of a PC release? Buying the remake would be a great way to support the developers, but that’s not really an option when I don’t even have a Wii. Alternatively, a PayPal link to donate to the folks behind NIGORO would be fine with me as well.

  14. Abster says

    LA-MULANA remains one of my favorite indie games to this day. I am looking forward to seeing what extras will be present in this remake. I always liked a game that required you to be smart rather than strong in order to tackle the tasks at hand.

  15. Naramura says

    I did not think that we sold it in the United States of this if not an exaggerated word but you loved LA-MULANA and it did not exist.

    I thought that I had to prepare new LA-MULANA about LA-MULANA for you who had played.

  16. Mailman says

    I love and beat this game and I’m very excited for this release, I’m hoping to see what will be revealed in the future.

    Also, super kudos for giving thanks to everyone, that’s astounding that you remembered the little people. (joking, joking ;D)

  17. I’m really excited about this and I can’t wait to see how amazing it will turn out! This game is awesome and I’m glad I could be a part of getting others into it as well! Thank you so much for mentioning me and all the others who deserve it!

  18. tramps says

    I’m super excited about this remake. I loved the original!

  19. Good luck Nigoro, i loved La Mulana, hope it turns good, we surely needs more games like that.

  20. Anonymous says

    Your text is very hard to read. Could you reduce spacing between lines and use a line space between paragraphs? Darkening the brick background would help as well.

  21. Tye The Czar says

    It’s great of you guys to give credit to the people who helped translate and promote La Mulana in all those ways.

  22. I have to say that this is easily my favorite ‘indie’-developed title *ever*. It’s just so far beyond epic I can’t even tell you how sad I was when it was finally over (Even after completing the ‘bonus dungeon’) – A repost of an original article I wrote about the game after I discovered it would be coming to Nintendo’s Wiiware download service.

    Thanks again for such an epic adventure, I can hardly wait to play it all over again!!

    — DT

  23. Deceased Crab says

    Well, thank you. Thank you for making this wonderful game, no matter how crazy it made me.

    It is my hope that NIGORO is the driving force behind the WiiWare release. I have serious doubts about Nicalis Inc, but if the NIGORO team is doing the development work, then I can rest easier knowing that the game is in mostly good hands.

    I look forward to seeing what changes take place in the game, so far they look pretty interesting.

  24. madamluna says

    Wow, this is wonderful! It’s touching to know that everyone’s efforts are recognized and appreciated. I’m glad you enjoy my art, personally 😀

    NIGORO, we love you and we love LA-MULANA. You’re making so many people happy with news of the Wiiware release of this game. We’re looking forward to watching a new generation of players enjoy it!


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