Next year

We announced the development of LA-MULANA2 at TOKYO GAME SHOW. But, I’m sorry to have kept you hanging because we have not made any information after that. We struggled to set up the project, but we managed to prepare for it.

2013 is about to end. Then, we will update the website of LA-MULANA2 a little on the coming January 16th (JST).
By the way, you have more opportunity to get LA-MULANA at bargain price since this autumn.
If you haven’t played LA-MULANA yet, I’d really like you to play it while you are waiting for LA-MULANA2.


  1. Afdal says

    Please get the keyboard customization right this time Nigoro. I could handle it being terrible in the remake because I’ll always have the original La-Mulana to play but you’re going to break my heart if you do this again for the sequel.

  2. GeminiSaint says

    I can’t wait for La-Mulana 2!

  3. You are the best;) Happy new year, and will patiently wait for the new info on La-Mulana 2.

  4. giga-ganon says

    awesome, can’t wait January! This is probably the game i want the most with dark souls 2!

  5. Cylex7 says

    Can this one be ported to Mac or WiiU? Thank you!

  6. Frank says

    I’m excited for the release of this game! I hope it will be available on many platforms.

  7. Daniel says

    Unnnggggghhhhh I am SO EXCITED!