We, as indie game developers, must take notice of Kickstarter.
It is very difficult indeed for Japanese to use Kickstarter, however it is shame to give up without doing anything.

we will start a mini project on Kickstarter for a trial and we want to see how it works. La-Mulana has been completed, so we are wondering if it is possible to make package CDs of La-Mulana’s original sound track.
We think this project is most suitable for the trial.


In that
case, we don’t really come up with a gift. We will sell the original sound track as a package of three discs, but what should we put on top of that? What would the big backers like for the gift?

We’d like to get your ideas as usual. Do you have any thoughts on it?


  1. I’d love a La-Mulana (2?) Kickstarter. If you say that you’ll bring it to the Vita/PS4, there is no doubt in my mind that this wouldn’t be funded in a couple days.

    Physical rewards are Great. I think the Mighty No. 9 kickstarter did it well. It mixed physical and in-game rewards well, and forced me (I’ll say forced!) to back at a higher tier then I normally would. Some of that stuff was just to neat to pass up!

    But one just for the OST would be fantastic as well. I love the music, and i’ve already purchased it off the bandcamp store. Maybe along with the CDs, a Flash Drive? With the Old (wii ware) Versions of the songs?


    Personally, I think the maps and the art book are good.
    However, I can’t speak about the future because there is a perplexed state of things.
    Anyway, thank you for your ideas!

  3. Arnold says

    I’d support it. I think it’d be a good way to add something to the game, like a Wii-U version which incorporates the pad or something.

    As for the map, I think half the fun for me has been mapping things on my own. If you did a map, I’d encourage you to bind it into sections in a book, and to include a transparent page over each map page, so that we could take dry-erase notes or something. The “map” would have to be interactive for me to get in to it.

    An art book would be good, especially if it was coupled with some of the lore and writings found around the caves. I would back at that level for sure.

  4. Lazar says

    A physical copy of the game with the soundtracks and a physical map. We would love that.

    I’d happily support you guys for a Wii U port as well.

    Now that I think about it why not a HD La-Mulana!
    Wii U/PC Digital Download and Retail with CD’S! You could sell it directly.


  5. I have not seen your game when searching around in Kickstarter. Did you decide not to do it?

  6. Alberto says

    disk version please like smb I want to have yr masterpiece in a physical format

  7. cylex7 says

    The guidebook translated into English.

  8. Kegel says

    How about a map of LaMulana on good quality paper?

  9. Patrickmanx says

    Excelent idea, some of the rewards could be talking to you guys, the developers.

    I love your game and i wonder if youll keep making games.

  10. -T-shirts
    -Madam-Luna / Momolana / Game Development / Game Promotion art collection (The really neat pictures of fairies!)
    -The second volume of the guide-book translated into english
    -A collection of all text in the game as well as large maps of each field with notes
    -Access to your next game (the shooter ), when completed
    -Access to the flash ruins locator game, as well as the lectures of Professor Lemeza that are available only in Japanese

    Although, unless somehow this kickstarter program has a way of getting many people to see the game, then I don’t think it should be done, because only your exsistant dedicated fans will participate.
    It is a shame to hear Steam didn’t work for you.

  11. Tranja says

    A kubrick style figure or a papercraft of the characters maybe?

  12. I would love to contribute to this! Having a disc version of La-Mulana with liner notes would be lovely :^)

    I was thinking, for rewards–maybe some exclusive artwork or information behind the game? Free digital copies of the guidebook, maybe?

    Also, I was considering contributing some artwork to use as a reward. I wouldn’t mind making a special “thank you for backing us!” picture for people who donate on Kickstarter.

  13. Sincerely, I don’t think this project will work. We like the soundtrack, but we have it already available inside the game. And people nowadays doesn’t buy physical CDs.

    Just kickstart La Mulana 2, and for sure you will have A LOT of support, me included.

  14. Usually the biggest backers expect something custom made. I suggest signed copies of hand drawings of the bosses and maybe a drawing of lemeza with the hell temple reward 🙂 Thing of anything unique, custom made, personalized item.

  15. How about like an art book? I think that would be the perfect thing to accompany the OST! Definitely looking forward to see how this Kickstarter does.

  16. What about a figure set of characters?

  17. Shirts, stickers, any bs you come up with we will eat it up