We have completed LA-MULANA today, and we are going to submit it to Nintendo.
LA-MULANA will have been examined by Nintendo.
If it passes without any trouble, the release date will be determined.

Off course, we keep proofing LA-MULANA while it’s under examination by Nintendo. So, we can’t relieve at all.

Anyway, LA-MULANA will be on sale in this year.

Until the release date, we’ll do our best such as uploading promotional videos for entertaining the people who are waiting, and also for making a much wider audience aware of LA-MULANA, Let’s enjoy it by the time LA-MULANA is released!


  1. TheGameSquid says

    Oh dear god, YES! I want to play this game right NOW! This could really turn into one of the greatest downloadable titles ever (and one of the overall best of the year perhaps, including retail games?). Let’s hope Nicalis speeds up the EU release a little this time.

  2. TannerGH says

    So stoked for this game!

    And people shouldn’t complain about it not being released for PC… I mean, you’ve already played it for free, why would you pay for a version that just has better graphics? It would be a waste of time and resources to port another updated version for PCs.

  3. Garlyle says

    I was just thinking to myself “Man, I wonder if we’ll ever see La-Mulana Wii” a minute ago and decided to check.

    This has made my day, and despite all complaints about speed in the past, -any- new version of La Mulana should be definitely worth the wait. Thank you, Nigoro, and best of luck with the approval process.

  4. Brinik says

    It’s a shame the pc won’t see the release. Especially considering that’s where the entire fanbase is from.

  5. Congratulations! It has been fun following the process of the game (I’m going to have more fun with the actual game though!)
    I’m looking forward to the release!

  6. Awesome!, Please let lamulana come to the UK!!

  7. Cave Story’s translation was actually pretty good. I know that “Huzzah!” has earned it’s place in the fanbase’s hearts, but given Balrog’s usual crash-entry context for saying it, “Oh Yeaaaaah!” is actually pretty hilarious. (It even sounds a little bit like the original “Doryaaaaa!”)

  8. Too bad you couldn’t keep the MSX references in, that is something I’ll really miss.

  9. this will be the best wii game of the year ! 😀

  10. Excellent! I wish you the best of luck for the approval process 🙂

    Please keep us informed about releases outside of Japan if you can, I live in the United Kingdom and would love to buy La Mulana as soon as possible!

  11. Kiron says

    Just have to be careful with the translation too, some of the puzzles have a certain amount of nuance to them that could be lost. Ian Kelley did a great job with that, actually.

  12. Anonymous52555 says

    Yes going to buy it the day it comes out. And I will probably download hell temple as well.

    P.S. Who is the one jumping in the picture?

  13. Nightgazer says

    ^If I remember correctly, Nicalis is supposedly going to handle the translation. That said, they’d beter do a better job on this than they did on Cave Story’s translation. Since the translation is the ONLY thing they need to do, they’d better make sure everything is clear and correct.
    On to happier thoughts, though. WOO-HOOOO! La Mulana is coming soon!

  14. azul120 says


    An eventual PC port available via Steam and the like would be great as well.

  15. I really hope it’s Nicalis handling the localization and not Nigoro. As awesome as this news is, I really hope we get “Spring in the Sky” and not…”Sky Water Source.” Bleah.

    “Gate of Confusion”, I’m fine with, but that one is kind of a sticking point with me. The name used in the fan translation sounds poetic; the latter sounds like that came out the wrong end of a machine translation.

  16. ITA84 says

    Best of luck for the release!

    @Zetro: Nigoro has nothing to do with NightSky. It’s Nicalis you’d have to ask.

  17. DaMan says


  18. Rossmallo says

    OHDEARGODYESYESYESYESYES. Been having a freaking terrible day until I saw this. Feel ten times better for it.

    Any chance of uploading more of the soundtrack before then? I need to hear Giant’s Cry SO DAMN MUCH.

  19. Bring on the EU release, I am so ready for this game.

  20. Zetro says

    Now, can you go work on Nightsky…srsly plz

  21. Underwhelmed says


    Hopefully the NA and EU releases aren’t too far after the Japanese releases.

    Great great news, congrats.

  22. JasonPaul says


    Been waiting for this forever.

  23. Abster says

    Congrats. Looking forward to seeing the release.

  24. Dani Church says

    Omedetou gozaimasu! I was so excited to see the word “Done” pop up on my phone’s RSS reader next to the La Mulana icon. I’m eagerly awaiting news of the release date, and I look forward to buying the game when it finally comes out!

  25. Expresso says

    Congratulations! I look forward to paying for a great game and reward all the hard work!

  26. matty says

    Nice to hear it’s completed! I’m looking forward to it!

  27. Congratulations! That’s great news, and I’m sure it’s a relief to know the end is in sight. Hopefully, the finalized game meets your expectations, and that it’s received well by gamers upon its release. Along the evolution of La Mulana’s remake, I became more and more excited. It looks like a stellar remake of the original, which was a lovely action/adventure game and MSX tribute. I can say that watching this development process has really inspired me. Thanks!

  28. Aaaaalriiiight!!!!

    Can’t wait!

  29. So close yet so far away. I know the game is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait.

  30. Kamen Rider Gumo says

    This is without a doubt the most exciting game news I’ve heard all year. As I’ve said before, La-Mulana, Cave Story and Mega Man 9 and 10 are the holy grails of gaming for me as they give me the retro feel and challenge I like in an action/platformer while at the same time drawing on experience and knowledge gained since the glory days of the NES, MSX, Cmmodire 64, etc. TIme to dust off my Classic Controller. 🙂

  31. WRuddick says


  32. gabrielk310 says

    mmmm….. still no PC version¿?

  33. YAY!

    I’m certain the wait will be totally worth it! ^_^


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