Actions of the Main Character

Anyhow, now that we’ve shown a movie of La-Mulana working on the Wii, what’s left is to continue development. So, we’ll introduce new elements and changes that have already been implemented later on.

First, the actions of the main character, Professor Lemeza.


As you can see, although it may be difficult to understand, this is the movie asset created for the professor.
Other than the peculiar pose, the professor’s body and arms are separated.
There is the purpose of cutting down on multiple patterns, but the number one reason is to have the right hand and left hand move independently of each other without being influenced by any conditions.

Examples would be being in the pose of holding his hat while jumping and at the same time throwing shurikens or regardless whether he is standing diagonally on a slope or sliding, while in that movement he can wave his whip.

Although it’s not yet complete, let me explain an animation that wasn’t in the original. The professor struggles while slipping on ice, he paddles in water, he can kick walls with the jump from the hooked nail, he writhes when being swept away by water, he places weights, and he can trip.

If you look closely, there’s a professor with transparent bones, but this is an image of when he takes electric damage.
Others include his butt on fire, as well as a damaged pose changing depending on the top, bottom, front, and back where the damage was taken.

When dying, as standard in animation, it changes depending on whether it was from drowning, being killed by lava, or being crushed by the wall.I’d like to increase it, but it will depend on the time.

And furthermore, I believe you can see the blue-ish thing lined up on the very bottom of the image.
Depending on the new hidden item, this will leave an after-image on all weapons. Of course there will also be an attack decision left with the after-image. We’ll balance the power as we create it.


It really does feel good when the character moves well in an action game.


  1. Majutsukai says

    I’m curious to know if the vertical reach of the whip has been reduced relative to the horizontal reach in the new version. It sort of looks that way from the image, which worries me because I know I relied a lot on the whip’s backswing in the original version.

  2. Jon A says

    The graphic look is important, however, the game control is even more important! I beg you, don’t change or weaken the control feeling from the original game.
    Please keep the same atmosphere and mood as the PC game!
    I have played hundreds of games, and La Mulana PC is one of the best games I have ever played. The puzzles are truly fun to master. The enemies are fun to kill because they are so annoying. The fairy is cute.
    Thank you NIGORO!

  3. MrUnimport says

    Ah, how adorable! I’m really impressed by your work!

    The whip animation is interesting. The original animation, since it was only two frames, made it easier to judge when to whip an enemy. This one seems a little less powerful-looking…

    I look forward to the final product.

  4. Looks great! I cannot wait for this game to come out. Thank you Nigoro for keeping your fans updated!

  5. FoolyCooly says

    Awesome new powerup! It seems that Lemeza went to Romania to meet the Belmonts in his 4 year vacations!!!

  6. I also approve of everything in this post.

    And I’m wondering about that new whip powerup, I don’t suppose there are more (like a fire whip?)

    Thanks again for the update!!

  7. Mad Surge says

    Marvelous! I love how you made new animations for damage, paddling, slipping and deaths, it’s a really nice graphical addition. And now I’m intrigued with this new item…

  8. madamluna says

    This is awesome this is an awesome post

    I can’t wait to see all these new animations in action! Everything we’ve seen so far looks great, so I’m excited. Interesting decision to separate his arms from his body, too, I wouldn’t have thought of that. Looks great!