The 7th anniversary of LA-MULANA

LA-MULANA’s 7th Anniversary

It is seven years today since LA-MULANA original version was released. We have been engaged in the game for more than 10 years because the development period of the original version was about five years.

LA-MULANA has been released on Steam, so LA-MULANA Project ends this time. We hope LA-MULANA will gradually spread to the world.

A small sale will be held in commemoration of 7th Anniversary and finishing the project. Please tell it to people who have not bought or known LA-MULANA yet.

We have finished the development of this game. We hope you enjoy and spread this game more.
This is the only thing that I can do.


  1. Chuck Cochems says

    I wish to play the original again, and it simply does not work in windows 10.

    The following issues ruin the game.

    1) fullscreen is ludicrously sluggish. this can be fixed by going to windowed, then back to fullscreen, then pressing f6 once. this creates a 640X480 viewport that performs acceptably. but text on MSX screen vanishes. the modified font file floating around on the net does not fix this. REportedly darkenign the text more fixes it, but then the glyph reader is no longer needed because both the original and translations always show.
    2) switching to windowed mode also performs super slow, and has the same issues.
    3) if i close the game when it is windowed, and re open it, the game starts in a window, and the performance issues are fixed. the game is responsive, and resizable, and the bilinear filter can be toggled. but then sprite transparency is broken. The glyph reader works fine, though. If i use compatibility mode, and select reduced color, i get a huge performance hit, and the text breaks, but the sprite transparency unbreaks.

    the MS desktop window manager seems to be the problem. with windows 7, you could disable desktop composition, and that would fix the grey boxes, but it is perma forced on in windows 10 at ALL TIMES.

    I really don’t want to run xp in a virtual machine just to play the game again.

  2. DeadWolfSA says

    No La-mulana for Ouya? I figured that would have been the next leap.

  3. Best of luck with your future games!!

  4. Hamdan says

    I hope bulletin in the Arabian Gulf
    Noooood is la-mulana nds 3d + wii u

  5. Patrickmanx says


    Lots of my friends are fans of your game, even here in Chile. I still have to remember to play the game in spanish so i can check the translation.