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I’m sure there are a lot of players wondering, so it’s about time to make this secret public.

A few months ago, I believe I had responded to an interview or question with something to the effect, “I’m not going to add any new weapons. It’s a hassle!” Oh, but the flow of time is cruel sometimes.

The condition I wrote in a previous article was lessened and specifications were changed to make it “by thinking my own actions, I was able to solve the puzzle”. Items that solved puzzles simply by obtaining them such as beads, eye of truth, and model airplanes from the original version have been changed so that the player will choose to use them at that location.
This is an image of a new interface which has the main weapon and sub-weapon from the original version, but also has the new addition of an equipped item.

Among several of the items from the original version, they have been changed to be equippable items that can be placed in your hand, similar to weapons to be used.

For example, if the time lamp is equipped and the item button is pressed time will stop. Things such as skeleton keys and crystal skulls as well as any other items that opened doors just be having them, have been changed so that the item button needs to be pressed at a specific wall image to open the path.

But that is not the only reason. Since the function to use the keyboard to enter spells (which was in the original version) is no longer available, selecting the software that manages the spell and using that item to chant the spell will replace the keyboard.

When we had decided up to this point, we weren’t thinking about changing or adding items, but at the timing of creating the menu there was an opinion, “Isn’t it strange to have items that don’t use up bullets such as the scanner in the sub-weapon?”

Of course, it wasn’t even necessary in the original version to have a bullet of a gun in the sub-weapon. My idea of allowing the box of bullets be thrown if the bullets are equipped was immediately rejected. If the scanner is moved to equippable item, and bullets are dropped and like other weapons bullets will just be obtained, which leaves two empty slots for the sub-weapon.

Furthermore, there was a problem brought up that having the frequently used scanner and holy grail within the equippable items would make it a hassle to have to frequently switch them within the menu. While the development was going rough, as a director it is in my best interest to be opposed to the addition of new elements. These increase the amount of work for development. But it was decided after our two programmers said, “It’s easy to create a throwing weapon. It’s easy even if it’s increased”.

Two new sub-weapons have been added.
The weapon names are “Chakram” and “Caltrop”.
Furthermore, the scanner has been removed from the sub-weapon and has been changed to be an equippable item, and the holy grail has been changed to call out from the pose screen just by having it. Thanks to this, it became unnecessary to have to switch the weapon with the scanner every time to read a tombstone.

Because of the issue of item menu’s oder and pepper has become a equippable item, there is some space of items. So, new items are added.

The item names are “Isis’ Pendant”, “Shoulder Pad with Fighting Spirits”, “Eden’s Fruit”, and
“Dimensional Key”.
I will explain about the new weapons and items at a later time.

Of course, it would be far later.


  1. Sutibu says:

    I’m guessing the Dimensional Key will have a similar function to the Endless/Infinity Key.

    And I really do hope the Chakram doesn’t function like a boomerang…

  2. Canti says:

    I bet my Holy Grail that the Shoulder Pad is going to be the new item that leaves those cool blue trails behind the weapons

  3. I think the ‘chakram’ kinda looks like the rings the 2nd form of Mother throws at you and you have to hit them back…

    Also I was wondering how you were going to utilize the BIRTH/DEATH spells without a keyboard.

    Defintely want to hear more about the new items, though!

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