Graphic materials

Almost all LA-MULANA’s graphics are originally made by high
resolution, and then we scaled down the images.

On the other hand, the player and enemies have to be seen clearly on
screen. So, we draw them as dotted images which are sharper. We have
made the player’s dotted image by separating body and arms in order to
increase patterns and cut back data.

Some enemies also have a lot of patterns.

Remade graphics are attracted attention though, LA-MULANA has been
made without forgetting 2D game’s taste.


  1. Wiiuser says

    So, do we get a NA release or what? Wiiware is such a good idea, but no support (or even marketing) is what makes a drop in sales.

  2. AnuBleed says

    @Ben Hurr

    Only problem with your brilliant (read: idiotic) statement is that the game has been complete for over 6 months! There has been no additional work done on the game, and the only reason we do not have it yet is because Nigoro decided to f*** over everyone who wasn’t Japanese by attempting to release the game in all regions at the exact same time (except for Japan, I wonder why). There was an issue between the German rating board and Nigoro caused by massive amounts of idiocy on Nigoro’s end that resulted in them postponing the release date IN ALL REGIONS because of a mistake in one region. Had they decided not to do this, America and the majority of Europe would have had the game four months ago.

    tl;dr – F*** you Nigoro!

  3. Hey, thanks Tom for the post. Now I know exactly why this game was delayed.

    Now, what was this thing about not being the developers again, NICALiS, you conceited, lazy fools? Or are you going to pin it on the WiiWare’s flawed release format? Why, did Cave Story 3DS fall victim to that too?

    On the bright side…well, at least I know its at least coming out…at the same rate the OTHER game that company was responsible for that I waited for did. Before its 3 other re-releases on different platforms at better (Steam) and worse (3DS) values.

  4. azul120 says

    Does the fact that you used higher resolution assets mean that those same assets could be used in a future, higher-res capable version for Steam/iOS/etc.?


    “WiiWare titles include La Mulana in the first quarter from Nicalis.”

    Can’t believe I had to find out from an external source when you’re releasing this. At least I have a rough date range, I guess.

  6. Ben Hurr says

    I love people that freak about release dates.

    Would you prefer this get released too early and be ruined by bugs?


    Dunno if anyone noticed, the mantra locations were accidentally left where they were in the PC version during the escape. You even pass by the one in the Giant’s Mausoleum.


  8. pidgeo5 says

    Wow. There’s a lot of…emotion on this post. I don’t want to add to it, but I feel compelled to share my thoughts as well (guess that’s what the internet does to you).

    I was psyched for this game when it was announced back in 2009, but so much time has passed and it still hasn’t come out, I’ve begun to lose interest. Skyward Sword is the last game that I see myself playing on the Wii and I doubt I would even purchase this game if it came out tomorrow on WiiWare, simply because I don’t use my Wii anymore (I’ve barely touched it since Summer 2010).

    There’s been a lot of comments of releasing on Steam, Mac, XBLA, and PSN, but I would really like to hear what the the development team feels about expanding into other platforms. Would it just take too much time to adapt the game to other platforms? Are they tired of working on the game and ready to move on to other projects? It doesn’t have to be a conversation in an official capacity, I’d just like to hear some dialogue about the future of this game.

    I’ve been holding off on a second playthrough of the game for a while now, but at this point, I’d rather just play the vanilla PC version of the game than wait. It would be a shame if all the hard work the developers put into this remake goes unnoticed because the game was only released on one console that is dangerously close to the end of it’s life-cycle.

  9. One thing for sure though, it’s pretty darn obvious that we’re not getting this in 2011.

  10. @Zantagor

    That’s a rather vague answer. It doesn’t say anything about being involved with localization/translation, or if they have the game. They’re one of the names in the title, so that excuse sound pretty horrible. Shouldn’t they have some information?

    Then again, since they did develop Cave Story Wii, and that came out after 2 years with NO explanation, I’d be surprised if this comes out here at all.

    The reason NIGORO were able to get it out in Japan so easily is possibly because Asterizm is a Japanese-based company. So, unless Nicalis also did anything related to the Japanese version, I assume they’re the only ones responsible for translation/publishing of La-Mulana. And, once again, they aim to disappoint.

    I really hope that its NIGORO actually struggling with the translations, because at least there’s reason for delay because 3 guys struggling with creating a non-Engrishy game for their audience overseas. Because, if that’s not true, then that means Nicalis is literally dawdling around with their heads stuck in the ground.

    Once again, NIGORO team, I can’t wait. But, unless something clears this up, I have just one thing to say:

    I’m not waiting another 2 years, Nicalis.

  11. UltraJMan says


    You have some serious perception skill to have noticed that. Awesome!!!


    Then, I really hope Nigoro gets some decent translators. I don’t wanna play a half-assed translation of La-Mulana.

  12. @Viper. We care about the game so it upsets us, “the fans”, who wants to play it so much. We also understand that coming out for the wii is now out of their hands. That I almost believe, but when I see many other games like Cave Story coming out with all their versions, it makes me wonder what the heck is going on with La Mulana.

    Plus, as I and others have stated, this game should try to get a release on another platform such as Steam or Mac Apps. I mean, what is the problem with that? Do they have exclusivity rights with Nintendo or something?

    Just think about this…
    Cave Story (PC), Cave Story (Wiiware), Cave Story+ (Steam) for both Macs and PC, Cave Story 3D (3DS)…
    La Mulana (PC)…that’s it.

    I guess in the end it’s definitely not the developers’ fault…we’re hoping the publishing company would get this game out to the us/eu market.

  13. I don’t care how much hard work they’re put into the game, I just want to play it. The moment they started having issues with Nintendo they should’ve released the game earlier on Steam or by any other easily accessible means when it would’ve gotten a lot more attention than now when I can hardly find a friend in real life or on the internet who even remembers to check this blog. I’ve waited two years (read: TWO years) for this rehash and are growing tired of the graphical updates and other unimportant information I can live without. I want to come here to see updates on the status of the game, not how cool they are for downscaling images.

    You, NIGORO, might have your fanbase below who are willing to stick by you despite the excuses you spit at them, but surely you’ve realise by now less people are caring for your hard work. That’s the silent protest going on among people who have become sick of waiting.

  14. For the people who thinks it’s a Nicalis problem, then I guess you’re “wrong” as according to Nicalis, it’s a Nigoro’s problem….

    So we’re going full circle now?

    Here’s the Twitter excerpt.
    “Zantagor Zantagor
    @nicalis All this effort on Cave Story+ and VVVVVV makes me wish you put this much into getting La Mulana out. It’s pretty much MIA now.”

    “nicalis Nicalis, Inc.
    @Zantagor We’re not the developers of La-Mulana, BTW.”

    Funny, but I thought a Publisher’s job was to…. make every effort possible for the game to get published…..

  15. Kesley says

    I will love playing this on my Wii? I’m still excited about it coming to N. America. I didn’t think I would be playing Skyward Sword before this game but between that and Skyrim I should be held over until this game gets released here.

  16. I agree with @the man, Nigoro should look into getting La Mulana released on Steam. I’d buy two copies!

  17. ViperAcidZX says

    @Bob, Nick, and Sergio:
    I couldn’t said these better myself…

    English is not the native tongue of NIGORO, let alone the rest of the world (in fact, my native tongue is Spanish, yet I can speak English just fine).

    Respect: +1

    @AB, S—T—:
    Heh, really nice to see you so-called “fans” of La-Mulana being SO supportive to a struggling indie development team.

    @Every would-be whiner/troll of this game’s release date:
    Assuming you guys having already got the damn message 3 times already: THE US/EU RELEASE OF THIS GAME IS OUT OF NIGORO’S HANDS! This has been brought by the developers themselves in an earlier post that most of the problem is with the lot-check going on with the European ratings board for getting in the way of this game’s release. NIGORO are sorry about this and they understand everyone’s pain (at least the ones who aren’t hounding them for the game to come out) and they hope they can compensate for making everyone in North America and Europe being put off from this game when the game has been out in Japan for a good while. If you whiners need a reminder, read the post below, and do something else with your time other than b—-ing to NIGORO “when will dis game come out” or “ALL WE CARE ABOUT IS THE RELEASE DATE!!1!”.

    Thank you.

  18. DaManFail says

    For those of you who have not been paying any attention and keep whining about the release date, look at the thumbnail of this post and compare:

    You still have a long wait ahead of you…

  19. King Reggin says

    This game won’t be released, folks, this company is incapible of doing so at this point. Maybe if they ditch the plans for the Wii and port it to the PC/put it on Steam, they got a shot, but if they release purely on the Wii, it’ll just kill their company.

  20. Really shows the amount of devotion you guys put into the game! It’s a shame that the beautiful high res art has to go to waste. Any chance of a XBLA/PSN/PC release?

    Also, there’s really no point in getting mad at Nigoro for not revealing the release date. They’ve worked hard since the beginning to get the game launched in the first place. Or would you rather them start giving false promises?
    They’ve had lot check problems and problems with rating systems – they’re not in control of that. As far as I know, it’s completely out of their hands at this point. I’m pretty sure Nicalis is the one supposed to be handling most of the overseas stuff anyways – talk to them about that.

  21. The man says

    Hey, CaveStory+ was just released on Steam. Please do the same thing with this game. I can guarantee that you will make so much more money releasing it there. Your troubles took too long with Nintendo, and now you’re releasing a game on a dead console. I can only imagine what you could have done with this game if you had listened to me two years ago and developed it for the PC. Imagine, no 50MB limit, no compression, no creative limitations… This game is possibly my favorite video game of all time, and I hated so much to see it get so mistreated.

  22. YAWN!!! No one cares about this game any more! Unless you release it in the next 3 weeks, you might as well forget about WiiWare and move to Steam or Mac Apps (for the Mac users). And even though you have good reasons for the lateness, people are angry and annoyed

  23. People are getting extremely rude. The reason they’re giving us all of these material updates and whatnot is because THEY DON’T KNOW when the release date is! God dammit, if you’re just going to ignore all of their hard work and spit invective at them every time they don’t mention a release date, then why don’t you just keep quiet? I, for one, am thankful to see behind the scenes glimpses at art, music, backstory, and anything else they want to throw us, and I don’t presume to be owed anything else! My GOD my generation is disappointing!

  24. Sergio says

    Well, I for one appreciate this update and am not fussed about the release date! I understand there’s not a lot you can do at this point. For those who haven’t seen it, please refer to this post: and consider addressing your questions complaints to Nicalis, who may be in a slightly better position to answer them, but probably won’t.

  25. Berry says

    Wow, seriously though this bit of news is a downer. I’ve followed this game for years, and I’ve grown tired from the wait. This is getting a bit ridiculous..

  26. DeceasedCrab says

    Hey La-Mulanites,

    When will it be released? We have been waiting almost 2+ years for this and, while I value the informativeness of your latest posts, we are beggining to feel a bit uneasy about the lack of a, at least, tentative release date.

  27. The release date is out of their hands, they’ve said so about 3 times. Everyone shut up.

  28. Stojan says

    I am sure You know how to draw sprites & background, but ALL we need is :

  29. UltraJMan says

    Nice graphics… but shitty grammar.

  30. Shit Tits says

    And look at that, another pointless update that tells nothing about the release date of the game -.-

  31. UltraJMan says




    (I do really hope the released game has a decent translation…)

  32. Jon Alfaro says

    Very cool!
    The seductive blue hair dance is really cool!

  33. KamenRiderGumo says

    Those sprite sheets look awesome. Every little thing I see makes me more and more excited for the eventual release of La-Mulana.

  34. hamdan says


  35. Amazing.

    So when are we getting the game?

  36. It’s really awesome, wonderful to see that you guys made the game without forgetting the 2D classic Super Famicom feeling.

    I just hope for one more thing…

    Please tell me that there is a way to have the graphics really SHARP, with no fancy blur filters. Bilinear rendering OFF… things like that.

    It is sooooooooo sad to play Konami’s Rebirth series. The games are SO BLURRY, SO BLURRY, that makes me feel I need glasses.

    Did you guys ever checked that?
    Please don’t make La Mulana BLURRY as Gradius, Akumajou and Kontora Rebirth.

    Best regards from Brazil!

  37. The man says

    How about a release date?

  38. It’s always great to see how you went about cutting costs. The wait is killing me (and many more), but I’m pretty sure that you’ve all done what you can to release the game as soon as possible for us Western/European fans. As you said, you have little power in the releasing of the game, so its mostly Nicalis/NOA/NOE at this point (hopefully).

    And I REALLY hope that the first of those three doesn’t delay this gem already. They already delayed 2 (1 and its rerelease) in the past.

  39. Lars Flyger says

    Wow, an actual update! Here’s hoping we get an official release date soon, I’ve been waiting so long!

  40. Looking good! Can’t wait to play a game on WiiWare that doesn’t have a ‘Z’ at the end of its title.

  41. Anonymous52555 says

    Cool. Now to replace the Lemeza Sprites in the original with these 🙂

  42. tinman says

    Seriously! Are you trying to mock your potential customers outside of JP? It is kind of insulting to me to read new postings here which completely omit the one bit of information that is important right now. Let me spell it out for you:

    What is up with the release in US, EU and AU?

    I’ve been shamelessly plugging La-Mulana to my videogame buddys for quite some time now, but this whole thing is slowly shifting to the point where people are bound to lose any interest in what you’re cooking up there.
    At this particular moment customer rage is inbound – as far as I’m concerned.

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