The 7th anniversary of LA-MULANA

LA-MULANA’s 7th Anniversary

It is seven years today since LA-MULANA original version was released. We have been engaged in the game for more than 10 years because the development period of the original version was about five years.

LA-MULANA has been released on Steam, so LA-MULANA Project ends this time. We hope LA-MULANA will gradually spread to the world.

A small sale will be held in commemoration of 7th Anniversary and finishing the project. Please tell it to people who have not bought or known LA-MULANA yet.

We have finished the development of this game. We hope you enjoy and spread this game more.
This is the only thing that I can do.


  1. DeadWolfSA says:

    No La-mulana for Ouya? I figured that would have been the next leap.

  2. Best of luck with your future games!!

  3. Hamdan says:

    I hope bulletin in the Arabian Gulf
    Noooood is la-mulana nds 3d + wii u

  4. Patrickmanx says:


    Lots of my friends are fans of your game, even here in Chile. I still have to remember to play the game in spanish so i can check the translation.

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