LA-MULANA – Musics for Wii – vol.3

Thank you for waiting. We are working hard development. and please wait a little more. Thanks!

We are sorry.

LA-MULANA has returned from Nintendo after the lot inspection. After that we are debugging without a break. Bu […]

TGS2010 Trailer

Time has passed completely. We will show you new trailer! this is distributed to the person of media interview […]

Has returned.

LA-MULANA was said “No good” by Nintendo, then it has returned to us. So, we are going to resubmit […]


We have completed LA-MULANA today, and we are going to submit it to Nintendo. LA-MULANA will have been examine […]

We’re gonna show you LA-MULANA

The world is bustling with news of TGS2010, though. We’d like to get lively by another event. We are doi […]

We are going to TGS 2010.

We don’t exhibit anything though, all of NIGORO members and Tyrone from NICALiS are gonna go to Tokyo Ga […]

Original version Music

A while back we conducted a survey on the music for La-Mulana. We’d like to announce the results. The mo […]

The bosses are lining up

There are too many things that need to be made, and we’ve been in a unique transitional state. Finally i […]

De España!

Although we, NIGORO, are the ones creating La-Mulana, the ones selling and promoting it outside of Japan is NI […]