Beginner’s guide to La-Mulana

It is said that many of Wii players are casual gamers. When WiiWare version was released in Japan, some people heard a reputation of LA-MULANA and bought it, but many of them met with a setback because they couldn’t get in even the first ruin. A promotional video was made for helping those people in particular. That is “Beginner’s guide to La-Mulana”. This time, we modified it for PC version, and translate into English. When you find fresh archaeologists who play LA-MULANA for their first time in this remade version and don’t know how to play it, please show them the movie.

About WiiWare version

To be honest, we don’t give up WiiWare version for overseas. It might be not the time to tell that just before releasing PC version. But, we think it’s rude to tell that WiiWare version is released after you buy PC version. So, we want to let you know in advance, “There is a possibility to release WiiWare version.” It will be without the additional download contents. So far, you can’t play Hell temple on WiiWare though, it might be a better option for someone who doesn’t need to play Hell temple or prefers to play on the game console. The plan is proceeding smoothly, but please wait for the […]

From Playism to all fans of LA-MULANA

We’ve got an article for you from Playism. They answer your questions kindly. Hello to all LA-MULANA fans in the West! Nice to meet you! This is the staff of Playism. We’re currently assisting in bringing LA-MULANA to Western audiences. We understand that some of you may have misgivings about our localization and we apologize for the lack of a proper explanation.
 This is the official blog of LA-MULANA, but please allow us to make our official announcement. Release date The English version of LA-MULANA will be made available for download when the English version of our site opens on July 13, 2012 (at 4 PM Japan Standard Time). The […]

Illustrations in the instruction manual

You can see amusing illustrations in places in the instruction manual. These are illustrations that Naramura redrew momo-san’s ones. She is playing the original version’s LA-MULANA and keep a playing journal on her blog. We got her permission for the official guidebook Vol.2 which is also a strategy book. But, as we mentioned last time, it’s impossible to translate it because of too much texts. So, we put some illustrations on the instruction manual because overseas people cannot see them. We wish we could publish our official guidebooks in English… While we are on the subject, we show you some other illustrations that are not able to put in the […]

Instruction Manual

It’s in the middle of festival. Some people might be already over the moon, but still we have some days to go. We can’t move forward the release date, but we publish a instruction manual. Be thrilled with reading this. Actually, we made a strategy guide for WiiWare version in Japanese instead of a instruction manual. And then, we were trying to translate it into English, but we gave up the plan because the texts are too much to translate. So, we have to prepare a instruction manual in English. The instruction manual is like a simplified strategy guide. We made it close to the original version’s instruction manual. Making […]

About Playism

Thank you for a lot of comments. We read them all. Well today, let’s talk about Playism, the platform of PC version. We know many people think “Why isn’t it Steam?” But, it’s difficult for us to tie up with Steam. Because it is a trouble for us to communicate with Steam in English. We don’t want to delay the release because of it. Considering the situation of Japanese indie game industry, we chose Playism. In Japan, download contents is not here to stay. On the other hand, it is here to stay in overseas. We have heard the success story of indie game developer in overseas, however the number […]

The history of LA-MULANA

We have just released a new promotional video. The PV might not be suitable for being famous. But, we judged it is better to show overseas people this for the first time. 13th July 2012, goes on sale on Playism. This is a promising game.

The release date

Sorry but we did tease you for a long time, the day finally comes. One promotional video is being released tomorrow. There is the information that everyone wants to know. Originally, LA-MULANA was remade in order to release in overseas, so we don’t yet get to even the starting line. We have experienced a festivity for celebrating WiiWare version’s release in Japan, but overseas people haven’t experienced it. We kept waiting you for 3 years, so might be not in place to say, but we are going to jump up, too! Until the release date, we will post an article everyday!

The Liner Notes in English

As Japanese, we think we are attempting to expand our business overseas in English. But, there are lots of texts and contents need to be done. So, we can’t handle all the work. This is why we have been provided only Japanese Liner Notes for the original sound track. “Some fantastic voluntary fans would tranlate it if we let it be public!” We thought we would expect such a natural flow, but we managed it by ourselves. Now, you can download the English version on the download page. In fact, most people who bought the original sound track are Japanese. That’s true. We haven’t yet released the game itself overseas. […]

Announcement for customers who bought the original sound track

One music data of the original sound track was broken. It is “Wonder of the Wonder” in Disk 2, its fade-out part is funny. Since the number of downloading on bandcamp is limited, we have prepared the bail-out page. Please re-download it from this page if you bought Disk 2 before 4 July.