New sub-weapon

Adjustments and effect creation are almost complete. I can now introduce the new sub-weapons. First, I’d like you to remember the basis of the sub-weapon in the original version of La-Mulana. Remember, La-Mulana is a game created so that it can be conquered and cleared with only a sub-weapon. So, please think of the new sub-weapon as an extra. It’s not like you can’t beat a guardian or solve a puzzle without it. Think of it as being a variation to the path of the ruins. Well then, the first of the newly added weapon is one of the ninja weapon, Makibishi. We made this simply to have something to […]

Play Tested

I contacted a player who has cleared the original Japanese version of La-Mulana in the shortest time (about two hours) and had him play test the game. Surely, his knowledge of La-Mulana must be fairly comprehensive since he is able to clear the game in such a short time,. This play test is on an incomplete pre-alpha version and there were no major bugs or misses, so we had the functional feel of the basic game checked. He said, “It doesn’t seem to have any problem for the action.” Again, citing his comment, “My feeling from playing it is this is an easy-to-play La-Mulana. This is it. It doesn’t have […]

New illustration

The new image illustration was completed. I drew the current one, the formal one was requested from the professional. LA-MULANA was elected by the article “Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2010” in the Wii section of

What? Did a new year begin?

Hi there! I stayed at home in the time to clean the whole house at the end of the year and the new year, because I’m just scared of my wife. If a man doesn’t earn, he could only follow his wife… How about America? Finally, it becomes the year LA-MULANA is released as it’s starting new year. Of course, I can’t tell that it would be in this spring or this winter. the on-sale date is not sure, because we can’t decided it for our own convenience. However, we left only about one month to develop LA-MULANA. We have already finished making without a demo and bosses. We believe […]


The year is really coming to an end, isn’t it. I wish that it’d never end. I’m pretty sure there are some of you who may have already noticed, but La-Mulana will be releasing next year. What’s that you say? I told you winter of 2009? Oh, and it’s on the top page? You should really check the top page. I don’t see anything written there mentioning 2009! 🙂 Now then, since this erroneous release date has been settled this is more of a year-end greeting. Discussions about La-Mulana on WiiWare were stirred last year, but the development didn’t actually start until spring of this year. That means we’ve been […]

Christmas is coming!

Our family are Buddhist, so I don’t give you Christmas presents. Yes, I don’t have anything for your presents at all. Regardless of Halloween, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, we developers have to make a final push. But, I feel sorry about that. I upload the movie which the player is walking around fields in current developing version. Developing stage is in the homestretch. How much can we make an improvement in the time we have left? I wish Santa Claus would give us completed completed product.

Implementation of Hints

In the original La-Mulana if you spoke to the elder without the save ROM equipped, you would receive a simple hint. However, that hint wasn’t used sufficiently enough–to the point that most people didn’t even know it was there. La-Mulana was praised by many players, but on the other hand, there was voice that it was quite vicious. One of the reasons, I believe ,is that there weren’t enough explanations. That’s when we thought about developing this elder’s hint system. This time, in the newly implemented laptop software menu, if part of the software is loaded a special application can be executed. In there is a thing called “xelpud mailer“. […]

Game Balance

I believe there are a lot of people who wonder about this, so let’s announce what’s decided up to now. This is something we just changed, but we fixed the image of the needle in the ruins. That’s because the specification of the needle has greatly changed: – As long as you don’t fall from the top to upward needle, you won’t receive damage. – If you walk along the side, you won’t receive damage. – If you fall from the top and at one point stand in the needle, or as long as you don’t jump on top of the needle you will not receive damage. – In exchange, […]

New Items

I’m sure there are a lot of players wondering, so it’s about time to make this secret public. A few months ago, I believe I had responded to an interview or question with something to the effect, “I’m not going to add any new weapons. It’s a hassle!” Oh, but the flow of time is cruel sometimes. The condition I wrote in a previous article was lessened and specifications were changed to make it “by thinking my own actions, I was able to solve the puzzle”. Items that solved puzzles simply by obtaining them such as beads, eye of truth, and model airplanes from the original version have been changed […]

Direction of the Puzzle Solving

It’s been shown a few times in the game footage, but this time there will be a function direction along with the various tricks. If the seal is broken, the wall at the top will slowly open. If the weight is placed the counter will sink, then the wall breaks and fly apart. After that a ladder appears step by step from the background, etc. These directions were adopted to decrease the,  “I don’t understand why this puzzle was solved”  factor which was present in the original version. Even if you use the weight counter nothing happens and, before you know it, the trick where the wall opens from the […]