31 years old. 'Sansei' the third generation of Japanese-American. An archaeologist who teaches at a University in U.S.From a grandfather's generation to an archaeologist and if an ancestor is followed, descendant of Japanese Ninjya warrior. Grown up in the ancestry, still leaning Ninjyutu at present time.

This Ninjyutsu seems so much helpfull for his archaeological survey, as he is able to reach the deepest point of uncovered ruins and can live for days with no problem. Thus, he is famous for his unbelieveable ruins reserch, though is looked coldly by commonsensical academians. He is chagrined at that his father, also an archaeolosist and they jostle each other for the reserch, take a big bite from the difference of experience.

Never leave the adventurer's exclusive use laptop "Mobile Super X"Although there is no disagreeable thing in particular, a favorite food is curry